1. I swear, Nepal used to be safe for women, it's getting worse day by day.

  2. Tf you mean amazing, feels like im watching slideshows that too are poorly drawn

  3. Was hyped for s2, but looking at slideshows aint it, heard they outsourced to save budget but even tiny hentai studios have better animation than this. Cant take this seriously if bunch of poorly drawn slideshows play in the name of anime,

  4. Ep 5 and the animation just keeps getting worse, cant take this shit seriously, feels like I'm watching slideshows. Hope they give to to another studio

  5. Argonians are sexy af, what do you mean?

  6. What a bullshit. Ahilay gaadi charcha, pahilay ghoda charthiyo.

  7. Ghoda is more expensive than vehicles

  8. Battlepass in my country is $2, in USA its $10, simple to understand

  9. Bro which country 💀, lowest I heard was south and south east asia around 3 dollars....

  10. The jet's only gonna be for a month, so by the time the devs are reached out we'll probably have like 1 week left of the jackal event.

  11. Did they mention thats its was temporary? I thought it was permanent

  12. Sunday bida diyena vane 1 hour bike chalxa hola per person. Bida diyo vane 5 hours.(also on Saturday)

  13. You do know they released a data where when sunday holiday there was 28% less oil consumption

  14. Do you die instantly if you crash it on the ground?

  15. I think the devs lurk around in this sub, recently there was a post of repeated missions and now this. W devs

  16. Itll come eventually, devs conformed it. Question is when

  17. Team ghost gonna body teamnikto 💪💀

  18. Im at 5.8 gb, what i like about codm is they allow us to download what we need to keep the file size low. I can still play mp ranked and br all 3 maps still 5.8gb. Ggs to that codm

  19. What is it used for? Like for your pets that get sick or like street dogs in an accident?

  20. The games been out for 3 years shes 20 rn

  21. These type of memes dont hit right without the upbeat funky music, pretty funny tho

  22. I used to have 9 friends play this game,they all left , now im all alone :(

  23. Hate to break it to you but itll all downhill from that

  24. I honestly think that skin is too plain for a legendary character. Just my opinion tho

  25. players: we want more realistic skins

  26. I have one that says “collect 1000 diamonds” but you can only collect 500 diamonds per day?

  27. Yes i just won a pub and got 600 diamonds , 500 is max carry limit and 100 added if u win

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