1. Vertical mount in that case is a watercooling exclusive feature pretty much.

  2. Will try with a non Aorus card and see the temps when I upgrade to the 7900XTX or 4080 next month

  3. I went from around 70c to 75c. I did change cases in the process though, so that might affect the temps. On a side note what fans are you using, they look amazing?

  4. That's reasonable. The 3 AIO Fans are ID-Cooling DF-12025 while the other 7 are Snowman fans

  5. I'm considering getting one Black Friday. What voltage do you use and what frequency?

  6. Plenty of G and B… needs more R!

  7. Those fans are interesting, what are they?

  8. The Fans are from a China brand called GameKM...You've probably never heard of them😁

  9. Using whatsapp gb but using default youtube? .. also thats alots of time

  10. Bluetooth isn't that power hungry...its usually Mobile data

  11. Marvel movies make fun of Christians as well as mock Jesus which is blasphemy and as Christians that should be a red flag.

  12. I've been using Nova Launcher for years and you can have access to 100% of the screen . This is one of the main reasons I hate the stock launcher.

  13. "It's entirely possible to drink alcohol, enjoy it and not become drunk"

  14. Drinking alcohol is not a sin. Getting drunk is a sin.

  15. The term “wine” in biblical times could refer to fermented or unfermented drink. We assume it was alcoholic wine merely because wine in our day exclusively refers to an alcoholic beverage. But when we use the term “church” today, we typically refer to the building in which Christians assemble. Yet in the bible, the term “church” always refers to people. Words can change meaning over time. Despite how the term "wine" is used today, bible wine could refer to an unfermented beverage

  16. Well yea.. You literally have done nothing on it but casually watch content.. If I did this I would get 11 hours SOT. I think my highest day when I did low brightness netflix while mostly at work (from home) I managed 13hrs over a 15hr period.

  17. That's cap bro. You wouldn't get 11hrs sot more so on exynos. And to get 9hrs of sot I did some battery optimisations to get that sot. Share your screenshot of 11hrs waiting

  18. I would if I cared, but I dont, so nah, you can re-read my comment and try doing it. Easy

  19. low brightness & Netflix lol you don't know watchu talking about

  20. Which came first, Christianity or the Bible (particularly NT)?

  21. Then explain to me how every Sola Scriptura adherent comes up with different interpretations.

  22. Why can't we just be Bible Believing Christians and leave all these man made heretic religions that claim to be the "the true Church" behind us.

  23. If we are celebrating the Resurrection of Christ, God is not at all displeased. All the original pagan roots have been stripped of any spiritual meanings in our culture. Now it's just chocolate bunnies and kids looking for colored eggs. I don't think God is displeased with that either.

  24. Now I see you didn't bother watching the video at all. Cause he addresses what you just said. Sad

  25. You know that God literally chose this day to resurrect. He could’ve chosen a day that wasn’t a pagan holiday but he did. We should be celebrating Jesus’ resurrection and the fact that it just happened to be on a pagan holiday was God’s choice.

  26. Did you watch the video? I guess not. There's nowhere in the Bible that says God chose Easter & that we should be celebrating Easter. The name Easter is a name of a pagan goddess and on that same day they worship and do rituals to her. You should research about the origins of Easter, it has nothing to do with Jesus at all and is a tradition of men not of God. So you saying "God chose this day isn't very thoughtful brother"

  27. Sounds like you're attracted to her (in a good way) but I could be wrong but i would suggest that you sit her down and share the gospel with her

  28. I have read the Bible. I was in awanas growing up and I bet I can recount more scripture than you. And what you just defended, has a name: ‘genocide’. Your god committed genocide and justified it. Later, he’ll offer up a human sacrifice, then he’ll glorify it and tell you it was all for you. This is not a peaceful god, nor is it a loving one. This god commands obedience and respect, or you get business side of a scythe. That’s not me inventing things: that is the Bible itself. I would suggest YOU go read it. Try reading it with an open mind instead of reading what you want from it. It’s absolutely bonkers. And do me one more favor: while you read it, think to yourself, ‘if this thing happened today, would I require proof if someone else told me about it?’. If someone is walking on water in 2022, wouldn’t you need to see it to believe it? Yeah, thought so. Oh, and me too. Trust those mental faculties you have. Reread your book objectively.

  29. If you've read the Bible as you claim then u should know that our God is a God of Justice and just like any judge he's not gonna let sin go unpunished. God is a God of Love & mercy that's why he warned those people for 120 years as Noah was building the ark but they refused to repent and turn from their heinous acts of evil of all sorts. So God rightfully Judged them accordingly and wiped them all but saved Noah since he was blameless before God. Please explain how that's injust. So you wanted God to just look on and let sin prevail? And who are you to tell God what and what not he should do or how he should have Judged? Those people could have listened to God's warning through Noah and if they had repented of their sins, God would have merciful forgiven them and showed them mercy but they said nope. God gives us the free will to choose Him or not he didn't force those people to enter the ark. I don't know why that's too hard for you to understand

  30. “God gave us free will to choose him or not”. And if you don’t choose your god, you get killed by…. that… same… god…. So weird…. Doesn’t seem like much of a choice to me… Ultimately it doesn’t matter bc the ark story is just that: a story. There’s no actual evidence of any of this taking place and in fact, the ark story traces its origins back to Babylon, so it’s not even like it’s an original story. A god who runs around murdering millions of people bc they don’t listen to 1 guy isn’t much for love. What about the individuals who didn’t hear the message? They get to die too? Please explain to me how a child across the world who has done nothing wrong deserves to die. Please explain that bc I am all ears.

  31. If you choose a sinful life and reject God's commandments then you shall die mate. A soul that shall die and the wages of sin is death. When you lie, steal, murder, rape your wages shall be death. God was very patient with those people in the time of Noah, He warned them and commanded the to repent for a whole 120 years. You make it sound as though God just woke up 1 morning and decided to flood the world lol.

  32. I had a phone for 5 years and was charging to 100% but no overnight charging and the phone battery was surprisingly still good even after 5 years. It could last me the whole day or even 2 days still.

  33. Laws of physics is frightening for you Christians but your genocidal god who rules celestial North Korea isn't?

  34. Why are you all quick to jump to "God is evil because he allows evil or bad things to happen & he doesn't do anything about it" and how the God of the Bible is evil.

  35. The very fact that there's no one in charge should be frightening

  36. Sorry for your loss..May the Lord comfort you.

  37. 2G network uses less battery than 3G or 4G especially when phone is idle on exynos. 2G saves lots of battery. I use it and still make calls, sms etc

  38. I have an Aorus 3060Ti Elite and it gives amazing gaming performance. I upgraded from an RX 580 and the performance difference was huge as expected. I tested the RTX 3060Ti in 50 Games @ 1440p on my YouTube channel. Check it out. Great card

  39. Yes of course. Works on both exynos and SD.

  40. Recently made a battery optimisation video on my YouTube with my note 10+5G Exynos you can check it out..might come on handy.

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