1. I make custom cables including low profile xlr. Shoot me a message.

  2. To add to the previous commenters: How fast are you printing? When I bump up my first layer print speed to 30-35 the current print line curls upwards. For good adhesion I keep it to 20, 25 max.

  3. Can we see a photo from further away? It looks like you're printing straight on the magnet sticker without a build plate.

  4. Hey there, I live in the Akron, Canton area, and although I know it's a bit of a drive, I got my iggy from Youngstown. My 10 week old Izzy's dad has champion bloodlines and they've had great luck in the past with temperament and health with their litters. If you'd like you can pm me and I can give you my breeder's details.

  5. I purchased a dog from a breeder in west Michigan but i did not visit the facilities. In hindsight i wish i would have. They DID provide pedigree papers once the dog was fixed. But i feel like it is a good idea to see the facilities.

  6. 7075t6 and locking keenserts for threaded holes. Any machine shop worth a [email protected]! Should have no problem installing keenserts for you. And black sulfuric anodize. Have them hit it with red scotch brite just before It goes to anodize will give it a non reflective matte finish. I once made drones for film industry.

  7. Thanks! This info is great! I haven't started looking into anodizing or finishes but this info is great!

  8. I'm definitely absorbing all the advice and appreciate people sharing their expertise. I'll definitely consider threaded inserts especially the self tapping version. That said I have done some research and some of the leading manufactures in the cinema industry tap straight into aluminum so I know it's not unheard of in that particular application.

  9. I make custom SDI/BNC cables using neutrik connectors. Send me a message.

  10. Did this fit well? I've been considering getting one

  11. If one heater core hose is hotter than the other, then you have either a clogged heater core or an air pocket trapped in the heater core, which is pretty common. If the upper radiator hose is gets to 195f, then the inlet hose to the heater core should get to 195f unless you're heater control valve isn't working properly.

  12. Thanks for the advice! I have confirmed that the heater control valve is swinging open and close. I'll try to get the air out.

  13. Just to be sure we're on the same page, the control valve is under hood and the temp blend door is in the cabin.

  14. Just attempted to bleed any air using your method including reving up to 4k. No improvement. Must be a clogged heater core

  15. I have searched for it in google and found this which is similar but designed for 2x4s

  16. Looking for a U-bracket that will allow me to mount a 1"x1/8" steel bar flat against a wall and slide it back and forth. Similar to this

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