1. He wants your girlfriend to be HIS girlfriend too.

  2. I look forward to Oleander's dad having Jedah's Level 3 from MvC:I

  3. what a FREAK (and not the merch kind, either)

  4. Nothing shocking at all. Tell me 5 must play games I'd buy it for? I'll try

  5. Bayo 2's on Switch, so now you're down to a hearty 2.

  6. I watched Coney watch this during his stream yesterday, and it was honestly the most maddening hour of Twitch I watched, but was also something I just couldn't look away from. 90% of the bits talked about a new restaurant or new cafe, and the cast was strangely wholehearted with no room for humor. It was.... weird.

  7. The only thing I can say that isn't just outright fanboying is that Sonic should've kept the shades as a permanent accessory, I can't explain it, they just look right on him.

  8. 808 is so much better than Cheshire. Cheshire just kinda...hangs off to the side and does "silly" things like riding a unicycle or whatever. They're cool and all and have a great design, but they don't really feel like they have that much of a connection with Viola? Meanwhile, 808 just fuckin' vibes with Chai. They're partners for life, man.

  9. They're literally synchronized to the same beat of life, you can't get any more partner-y than that.

  10. I will descend upon you from the sun bc you pissed me off with this

  11. Korsica because that fight has all the presentation of a Suikoden duel.

  12. I love that in the DVD section, Chainsaw Man is getting beat by PAW PATROL of all things.

  13. I think mikami called it johns game himself in a famitsu interview at some point. Who knows how much input he had himself, but at least its clear the driving creative head in this production was johanas

  14. He literally told John during the showcase "it's your game" right before he announced that the game was coming out later that day.

  15. I love that Korsica's SPECTRA password, after several lines mentioning that she didn't need a boss key because she memorized all her security passwords...

  16. Pat: "Hey Woolie, this thing is tailor made for you, so much so that a character even says 'Please play this game Woolie we made it just for you', you should definitely check it out."

  17. Woolie: "Could it really be tailor-made for me? I just don't think so..."

  18. It's me, I want 808 as the new mascot, I love this wacky drum machine cat.

  19. I just got to this part earlier today, and I also ended up really loving it (so far my favorite boss fight besides QA-1MIL), for a whole different reason.

  20. If I try this game depends on one thing. Is it like necrodancer where you have to move and attack on the beat for it to be any good or does the music change or have different beats for the different actions? If its the first then thats unfortunately points against it for me.

  21. No matter what, your attacks will stay on the beat. Your attacks will still hit and do good damage, it's just that hitting the attack button in tune with the rhythm will give small bonuses to your attacks like more meter gain.

  22. Got myself an MSI GF65 Thin 9SD, runs on an Intel i7-9750H, GTX 1660ti, with 32 GB of RAM (upgraded from the one 8 GB stick it had).

  23. All posts must be about the boys themselves.

  24. Legit I get a lot of my gaming news from this specific subreddit since it's become a catch-all for anything in that sphere, so this rule would actually drive me away lol

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