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  1. Thanks for these suggestions. The Grant Stone boots in particular are definitely going on my to-buy list.

  2. After some shenanigans where they didn’t have an A-Grade in stock, I finally received my Chelsea’s from Grant Stone. This is my 3rd pair of GS (Storm Kudu and Jungle Kango diesels)

  3. These look fantastic, thanks for the write-up! Literally been looking at these, have the Chelsea’s in the waxed commander and they fit super well. They definitely snug as you wear them in. I was also a little worried about them feeling slightly loose at first, but now they’re a great fit. Just different from the diesels and a lace fit.

  4. Botanical gardens, great pic! Lights are always pretty this time of year. What drone? And take any videos that turned out well?

  5. Actually check it out I did the leg work for you.

  6. Lol everybody was shitting on him until he won the champ. They all hated him, and we were all glad he wasn’t coaching the hawks. By the time he left this sub was waving him bye lol

  7. You are also swapping Trae and Murray for Teague and Korver. Though i guess all four are all stars lol.

  8. Very true, which I’d say is an upgrade for sure outside of traes tough start to the year.

  9. Honestly love seeing him get more love. Dude was always a fan fave at GT

  10. How can you tell it’s oil-free vs a standard one which requires oil?

  11. They all require oil to operate. The term means that the compressor is designed to keep oil out of the process air. That means special seals and neutral chambers between the gearing and the process section of the rotors.

  12. This is not an air compressor. It has dry gas seals so will be a hazardous gas being compressed. The dry gas seals keep the hazardous gas in the casing and oil out of the casing. The dry gas seals are the 4 large cylinders located outboard of the screws. Outboard of each dry gas seal are the bearings.

  13. Yeah I was just talking about concept of oil-free vs oil-flooded. I recognize this is for a hazardous gas, for this specific compressor the right term would’ve been process gas instead of process air.

  14. And then security realizes it's useless trying to make hundreds/thousands of students go back over the wall, so you get to exit the stadium the way the football players do, which feels cool.

  15. Holy hell I haven’t seen or thought about that game in a long time. Was at this one too and cannot describe how awesome rushing the field was. I just jumped over the wall, dodged the first security guy, and sprinted to the middle yelling at the top of my lungs.

  16. This is normal! Cranberries float so the most efficient way to harvest them is to flood the beds, shake them off the plants with a modified combine, and then vacuum them up. Filmed in northern Wisconsin.

  17. Super interesting! Is that plow setup on the front for moving water out of the way? Rig in the back for stirring up the berries to make it easier for vacuum?

  18. I don't actually know the specifics about how the harvesting machinery works, I was just filming the farm for a longer piece I'm working on with them for a TV show. I was having issues with the gimbal on the drone getting stuck and didn't have enough battery so I wasn't able to get as many detail shots as I wanted

  19. Ohhh love it! I might be making a trip in a few months, any recommendations from the experience??

  20. Nice shots! I was gonna take the new mini up for a shot around west midtown, but got 50ft up and started getting pushed around a ton so I chickened out. What were you flying?

  21. Did you get wind warnings? If not, it should be fine. I fly an Air 2S, flown in 45+ wind gusts and never have received a warning yet on this guy. When I had the original mini, I use to get warnings all the time but it still put up a good fight.

  22. No warnings, just the ol new car jitters. My old spark would usually do pretty well, but this was only my 2nd flight with the mini 3. I’ll drive like an old lady for a bit while I get used to it, but you’re right it probably would’ve been fine.

  23. I’m drowning in shishitos and jalapeños right now, but I still don’t have any of the hotties yet. Good things come to those who wait!!

  24. Beautiful, you have the easy stuff at the beginning, build up to the hot ones

  25. Mmmm yeah. Haven’t done Thai chilis, maybe that’ll be an addition for next year. What do you typically use them with?

  26. Here I go saving another post of a pepper picture bc of the thread ideas 🤣🤣

  27. Haha right? I'm gonna have to try these ideas out. Also saw a recipe for cream cheese stuffed peppers that I'm stoked for!

  28. Oh nice! I’m assuming for something other than a shishito? Though whatever floats your boat

  29. Are you in Georgia? We just got wrecked in Athens. Luckily my plants are on the side of the house that blocked most of the wind. Sorry that happened. Hope your pepper babies can rebound.

  30. Dude same boat, mine just took it in the shins around Atlanta. Tomorrow mornings gonna be damage control!

  31. Defo buena mulata. Regular in my garden. Makes amazing dried pepper flake for pizza

  32. Haven’t tried flakes yet so this will def be one to mix in for it!

  33. They ripen to a beautiful translucent orange/red color. Very pretty peppers.

  34. Boars are a huge problem in much of the Southern United States, and yeah guns (not typically machine guns as they're heavily regulated) are pretty cost effective in dealing with the problem.

  35. Grew up in rural SE USA and had some experience with it, though there were plenty of guys around that dealt with it a lot more. Trapping like this is more effective bc you’re looking to snag the matriarch. If you only get part of the herd and miss the matriarch, the pack will get to full strength and you won’t be rid of them. Wild hogs/boar can easily destroy field crops and are super aggressive, which is why you see pens like this.

  36. Parker Hannifin makes just about everything in motion control. These are small PMSMs, too big for the bike and lift applications but too small for EV motors. Ended up in a bastardized size

  37. Oh got it, yeah def not my area of expertise. I know perm magnets, but all bigger 480v 100hp+ applications. Sorry not much help, bastardized frame sizes are the worst.

  38. Oh, you're one of the unlimited power 480 3ph guys, must be nice! Battery powered stuff is like trying to make everything that never was meant to be in the same room play nice

  39. Lmao just give me a 3/60/480 cable and I’m set! PM stuff for the bigger stuff is usually about available space since it’s always more expensive than induction.

  40. Well that was fucking awesome, thanks for the suggestions people. Go suck sand Igor!

  41. You can watch in Thunder Alley, there’s also a bar called Hat Tricks

  42. Quick question after I have 20ish peppers on my pepper plant am I supposed to pick off the flowers? I just keep intentional fertilizing the flowers with a makeup brush.

  43. If you’ve already got fruit at that point I’d let it keep going. I’m just picking of flowers now before the plants are large enough to support more peppers.

  44. when you plant in pots it's quite important, when the roots reach the edges it will often try to flower and if you let them polinate with just a few nodes it will stop growing, instead focusing on rippening the peppers and you will end up with 5 peppers during the season.

  45. Yep! I’m trying to aim for bushier potted plants, so want to focus on veg growth for now. So been picking flowers off for now. To each their own though!

  46. Ybor City is what you want. CCCM, Tampa Bay Brew Co, Zydeco, Barriehaus, Coppertail.

  47. Awesome, thanks for the recs! Copper tail is great, haven’t been to the others so will check them out. Was over in Clearwater last time I was around, southern lights was cool

  48. My Habaneros always produce much later than my Jalapenos. They are shorter and bushier so I think you are on track. I didn't plant one this year because I always end up with so many but seeing your beautiful Habanero plant makes me regret it. :(

  49. Lol I’m in the same boat. It’s a beaut, but Also making me miss my hab gigantor from last year :(

  50. A lot of research facilities have them. They’re important for testing the acoustics of products.

  51. Sound pressure testing at baldor right? Assuming that would’ve been for smaller stuff and then doing free field for larger motors/equipment

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