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  1. My mom bought an identical 2000 7.3L excursion for $10,000 at 120,000 miles in 2006. I was 8 years old. Today I am 24. The excursion was passed down, and Ive done my absolute best to keep it on the road. Its at 325k miles now. This post makes me feel bad for not driving it the last few weeks since fuel prices are up.

  2. If you call ristos hardware in Hancock the owner has a warehouse he rents for winter storage. Usually charges $200 to keep a car/trailer in there all winter which is a great price.

  3. Risto is great! He was my landlord for my last year at school, super nice guy, can't recommend him enough

  4. Clearly you're male, lol. He treats women as if they're sub-human.

  5. I'm sorry you had a bad experience. My girlfriend, who was also on our lease, also thought he was very kind, helpful, and responsive.

  6. Ford Excursion - When I was 9 years old, my mom bought a used green and tan Ford Excursion with the 7.3L powerstroke for $10,000. It was her daily driver, and I have a lot of memories in that truck. When I was 16, I got my drivers license in it. Shortly after, she parked it due to operating costs. After sitting for 6 years, I pulled it out of the yard, and I've been driving it for a couple years now.

  7. Seriously that is a bonkers price. 8 Nm is a bit on the low side, so there's still a market for the other ones. I have my SC2 Pro set to usually between 12-16Nm depending on the game and how long I plan to race for, and I think 10-15 is probably the sweet spot for a lot of more serious people, but this easily becomes the new best mid-entry tier wheel and kills half of Fanatec's product line.

  8. I have a g27 but I am about to graduate college and start working full time, and I was thinking about using some of my new income to build a more serious setup. Can you explain why more torque is better, and what I should look for? Google says the g27 has 3nm so 5 to 8 nm would be a bit of a jump, but what advantage would i have being 10-15 nm?

  9. A lot of it is personal preference and just how you want things to feel. I personally prefer stronger feedback.

  10. I know it won't make me better, just like having snap on tools doesn't make someone a better mechanic. It'll be on me to get faster, but the right tools help. I notice a bit of a deadzone in my g27, but I think my pedals are the biggest problem right now, they're unmodified. I've had this setup for a long time, but I haven't used it consistently enough to make it worth upgrading, partially because I have been living a college lifestyle and partially because I am sometimes too lazy to set it up. But I am racing more these days, both on and offline, so I see it as a good training tool now too. Trying to soak up as much knowledge as I can before making big purchases though.

  11. A snorkel just pulls cleaner air, it doesn't have any negative impact on road performance. You also don't know where I go or what I do with my vehicle.

  12. That'll happen, especially on your bigger jobs

  13. Nope, they just either don’t know or don’t care that headlights have to be readjusted when lifting/lowering. It’s about looking cool, not being considerate.

  14. Why not both? I was introduced to building super bright headlights as a hobby a while ago. You can retrofit old cars and trucks with modern projectors for not a lot of money. They look cool, they're really bright, and most people I've ever met re aim their lights constantly. So it looks cool and you can easily be considerate.

  15. There is something to be said for being 1500 pounds lighter

  16. Subaru people should consider Toyota pickups. I love my subarus, but for offroad stuff, I also love my toyota pickup. Almost everything that makes a good domestic wheeling rig, like solid axles, gearing potential, kingpin/birfield solid axle strength, and simplicity exist in a considerably smaller pickup truck with the same Japanese goodness you get in a Subaru. That's not to say a subaru is a bad 4x4 rig, they make good softroaders. Solid axles, a frame, and wildly avalible gearing options greatly increase potential though.

  17. My wife has a Forester (we never drive it like this, but I've certainly considered it once it's no longer her daily driver). My next purchase will replace my small hatch with a Tacoma for this very reason. Well, that and Subie can't tow anything.

  18. I have 4 subarus for doing normal car things, and then this setup for college wheeling

  19. Metric is great, but it would be a big hit to manufacturing. Most old machines in use are imperial, and most engineering in America is done in imperial. It would take time to adjust, on paper it would be great, but imperial units have their place.

  20. "We know you lost your jobs and ability to make income but heres $350 to cover your losses"

  21. You can buy 4.5 miles of toilet paper on mcmaster carr right now for $97

  22. I just keep telling myself that theres always gotta be the left side of the bell curve. Someones gotta be the bottom of the barrel engineer, so I guess that's just going to have to be me

  23. WRC8 has but unfortunately, the co driver doesn't warn you, you just find a crashed car sometimes blocking the road.

  24. Unfortunately, that's how it is in real life too some of the time. No triangles but an okay sign on the car.

  25. Seems like Regional events are similar to the costs you'd have in Austria & Germany while the National costs are on-par with what I expected.

  26. The nice thing is that as a regional competitor, we race the same roads as a national competitor and do the same amount of rally. We just get scored differently and get different trophies. When I was at neste rally Finland as a spectator, I noticed that the Vetomies didn't run the entire rally and all of its stages.

  27. Codriver here, noticed that specific dick. But there were hundreds more before it. All day. Some even 8 ft tall. One was attached to a large sculpture of a creature.

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