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  1. I’m interested although i don’t play many games anymore… i have wanted to try 7 days. I’ll get back to ya lol


  3. Needs a couple more weeks and some calmag then just boof it.

  4. Damn! You got a video of you doing this? This shit just fascinates me

  5. Shit i just walked past a bunch at the park, i went to his first concert lol so it caught my attention but my dog was rushing so never paid enough attention, when i walk past them again I’ll check, it is possible it they were replaced I guess too? But who actually keeps track of where they put posters lol, hopefully they either missed some or I’m getting involved in your mindfuck situation lol. I’ll grab pics of the schlong posters if i see any.

  6. people keep saying it’s “missing terps”. obviously it comes with the territory that the closer you get to 100% thc (which diamonds definitely do) the less room there is for terps. they’re not completely gone, you’re just trading off terps for stone. if anything I’d be grateful the diamonds I bought were just natural diamonds instead of having terps added to it later.

  7. This ^ I avoid terps cause I have asthma and terpenes are VOC’s, diamonds are so much easier on the lungs.

  8. Is it normal for it to leave residue on the back of your teeth kinda like smoking flower out of a water bong

  9. If you get waxy teeth you’re going in too hot, diamonds take a helluva lot more heat then wax or shatter but it’s a fine line with too much heat, better off reheating then frying it imo, i do low temp cold starts nowadays

  10. If cqrs didn’t exist you would most likely not have the phone and or computer you’re on right now

  11. Life sure would be a lot easier without cqrs, phknes and ckmputers…

  12. I think many start out like that..I'm gonna get 600 flavors ! lol..Then I went to Noted Flavors on Diy or Die on youtube where they rank flavors worst to first and I had a bunch that weren't ranked very high to the 3 mixers who judged each strawberry,each banana,each cream etc etc now I just look at their list and pick out what Blueberry was in their top 5 and have been. Buying concentrates off their rankings ever since discovering that Channel.I trust their opinions and its easier than me having to single flav test them 😄 what a handy channel to have if u subscribe you can find just about any flav and how they ranked it at 3% in most cases.They've gone over a ton of flavor profiles already,best ice cream,best coffee,best cookie ,custard, get the picture lol.So quality over quantity as I said is your best bet 😊🤙

  13. Ya I used to follow them when I used Facebook, that's the only part I regret about quitting FB, I lost 95% of my mixing groups/ppl and YT is so anal they never show a related search or suggest a DIY channel, I actually forgot about that show, I don't buy new flavours anymore lol, cut myself off, I only refill the ones I use now... thanks for reminding me about the Noted crew, I thought they had got swallowed up by WW group lol

  14. Lol,yeah their going strong at Noted.I don't listen to the recipies i just make up my own cuz i have a good grasp on flavor pairings and % ..I just steal ideas here n there 😆 but I buy whatever they rank in the top 5 of each flavor I'm interested in..I use Eliquid recipies for my Ejuice calculator and they have the biggest data bank of recipies in the world and other helpful functions .What exactly is it you needed help with?..I don't remember the original topic tbh lol

  15. I love ELR, that’s my spot too, atf isn’t my style, great community but i just lurk in the forums 😂

  16. The misinformation in the comment section omf, good luck op. You can vape water, I vaped tap water once with a clearomizer (definitely not recommending, it was for scientific purposes only)

  17. The way ppl talk like that is as bad as dropping an /s ffs I’m a goofball but I can’t fucking stand adults talking like they’re 4yrs old with a speech impediment. Cats say: fuck you asshole i fuck your shit up… 😂

  18. I use a honeybee banger too, i got the mini thick boy, 4mm damn thing is a monster 1 hitter

  19. Why the root ball? Whole plant minus the roots still gives super slow dry… pretty sure it’s just water in the roots

  20. What about Diy Flavours, they’re located in Abbotsford. Excellent company been buying from them for years.

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