1. I still do. I work a customer facing job where sick people come in everyday and not a single one has learned a thing about covering sneezes or coughs.

  2. Try birth control and save yourself a trip. ;)

  3. We had a conference call that touched on it today. The DL is gonna stop the 3xs a day group update thank god. He said he’ll still send the previous days totals in the morning which is fine for me. I didn’t hear it wasn’t part of the bonus anymore but if true, that’s great!

  4. It still part of your bonus they will just not take away the 10% if you didn’t get it. What we where told from i our regional. But your still expected to get your target

  5. Still had the group text with the DL today, hasnt said a word about it

  6. Canada Dry is my worst vendor. They hardly ever show up.

  7. Coke is actually the best one we have as far as drinks. Pepsi comes when he feels like it.. maybe. Polar is spotty and crazy lol

  8. It’s as if Walgreens, Walmart, Stop and Shop and other pharmacies never did this. Cvs is just the last as usual. It shouldn’t be a surprise.

  9. MyChat is only for SMs and higher right now. If you are SM or higher, you can download the myChat app, then log in with your HR log in and then you should be in.

  10. What is the user name? I re-downloaded the app and not sure what it is

  11. I didn't know Ross Chastain was in Connecticut this week.

  12. I work in CT as well and lots of ORC do hit the state, I’d say mostly down closer to NY so yeah I’d say it’s typical. My store isn’t too bad but the other side of town is another story

  13. Middletown has one coming up soon, my experience there it’s always full and got some great cars! Food and live music as well

  14. Todays truck got pushed back 6 hours to 4:15 in the afternoon. We get truck through the front door and it’s a busy lot. Should be fun 🙄

  15. I am so sorry. I can't even imagine the anger I would feel

  16. It’s frustrating for sure but also have to laugh at the same time because of the constant issues lol

  17. All my green ones disappeared so it’s all red 🙄🙄

  18. We have 2 registers. One has the glass and the other doesn’t. Countertops are small as hell and the glass takes space. We all pretty much still wear our masks too though

  19. Having your rewards card and coupons ready at the start and not wasting time digging for them and creating a line.

  20. We dead ass got a 1 the other day and the lady posted somthing along the lines of “ i didn’t even shop at this store” wtf who does that why is that a negative review????

  21. Ugh those are the worst, why even leave one if you weren’t there

  22. I mean, it's the same for front store. We get RX surveys as well. Because we are operating under ONE store. Why have there been so many posts lately hinting at a division between FS and RX. Don't give these rich corporate people what they want. Also, this isn't meant to dig at you. Just something I've noticed lately.

  23. Oh we’ve gotten nice ones too but in most cases they are bad ones. And lately any of my “red” ones have been just for rx but up front that’s why I’m frustrated lol

  24. Tempted to do this as I try not to lose my mind running the store solo so many times

  25. Kids. The pandemic has ruined them. These kids have made it miserable. They do nothing but cause havoc

  26. Nah it was bad before the pandemic. I worked at a location that these kids came in every single night in the summer and it was a nightmare. Wasn’t allowed to ban them. Stealing, breaking, throwing, running, yelling, ugh

  27. I had to cancel therapy this week because I can’t get enough coverage for the store.

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