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  1. He was. But there are only 30 million Nepali against 1 Billion and 40 million Indians who like to believe otherwise

  2. A forest officer.. and since he is in the Indian Forest Services m assuming its somewhere in India.

  3. It's from Nepal, the people are talking in Nepali. Free roaming Rhinos are common around Chitwan National Park.

  4. U hav to like Nepalis for this, they do love animals and we too r trying

  5. Around Chitwan, Nepal. There are way too many videos on the Internet of Rhinos roaming around in Chitwan.

  6. Wild Rhino roams around and scares a sleeping stray dog.

  7. Not really. The whole subcontinent would be better without partition. Especially Pakistan and Bangladesh, without all the wars and rise of Islamism.

  8. Currently. No South Asian wants to unify with India.

  9. As a Nepalese, yeah that doesn't really help much with unification of people like at all

  10. No one in South asia outside India likes that joke

  11. A simple google search could've told you how wrong you were

  12. So which one is the Harbinger trailer OST?

  13. The source is from a user on discord

  14. Private. But i have permission to post

  15. Comments like these help prove the point that Genshin players do not read

  16. I love how people did the Gordon Ramsay meme with Nahida. Went from "You fucking donkey" to "Oh dear, oh dear, gorgeous"

  17. Why was the older one an hour ago deleted?

  18. Okay I waited 10 minutes, why didn't any of you post this?

  19. Please use the megathread for questions and discussions

  20. Also idk if its already mentioned but based from the recent

  21. Yeah I mentioned that on the version shortening post

  22. Version 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2 will each be shortened by one week each, putting each of them at 5 weeks long

  23. [Officially announced] Tighnari will be added to the standard banner in 3.1

  24. Do we have to track clues or will it be like Inazuma’s bounties?

  25. I think an older leak said it was like Inazuma bounties

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