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  1. Where? I literally can't even find where this is posted in that sub. Can you link the actual post or comments saying that?

  2. Looks like my old wire-haired jack russel terrier, he had a little beard like that. I'd guess he's mostly JRT, maybe with another terrier breed tossed in.

  3. I cannot recommend cleansing oils enough! Especially those japanese ones like DHC and hadalabo. It melts all kinds of makeup and sunscreen so easily. Cleansing oils make washing feel less like a chore and it’s good for all skin types. I’m an oily combo and it makes my face feel hydrated after washing it off. It doesn’t leave me with dry squeaky face like aggressive cleansers do.

  4. I use a CocoKind cleansing oil to remove my makeup and I love it. I also cannot reccommend cleaning oils enough, they are a total game changer. Now my skin feels soothed and hydrated after I've removed my makeup rather than raw and irritated.

  5. I'd look into some platform loafers and Chelsea boots for sure, docs will obviously look great, but that outfit is screaming for a pair of

  6. It doesn't permanently harm the animal. It's just hair. It's no different than your hair in how it grows. No idea why that old wives tale persists. Just about every dog gets some part shaved or buzzed 1-2mm like for neutering and it grows back normal.

  7. Not an old wives tale, quit spreading misinformation. It's perfectly okay to just shut the fuck up instead of talking about subjects you're ignorant on, so do exactly that.

  8. I'd soak it in hydrogen peroxide, that's what I used for some similarly moldy seasonal decorations after Hurricane Harvey flooded everything.

  9. I haven't had that happen to me, no. I use peroxide on everything from carpets to clothes to curtains and haven't had it bleach anything. I rinse or blot it when I'm done and it works great for me. Patch test is always a good idea, but so far so good in this household.

  10. Oh my gosh, I saw this in the antinatalism subreddit and cringed so hard. You can be antinatalist without comparing yourself to other women or stereotyping them.

  11. Had to leave that sub and the second version they'd made to get away from the sexist mod of the first. It just became sexism with extra steps.

  12. So it's generally expected that people should jump out of your way? Y'all are weird.

  13. Th entitlement never ceases to amaze me.

  14. I mean...yeah, I guess you're not wrong there. I feel like I'd go for mildly interesting if it were me?

  15. I think a lot of people have some level of underlying generalized anxiety and can be pretty high strung, so stuff that to most people would be meaningless can seem utterly infuriating. I’ve been there, quite often actually, and sometimes I’ve gone on Reddit or Facebook to shout into the void about the thing that pissed me off to no end only to find that nobody else saw an issue at all.

  16. I didn't even think about it from the flag code angle, that makes it make way more sense. Thank you.

  17. You can glance at my profile the post right before this is of the whole plant. One of my prides and joys 🥰

  18. I just went through your profile, love all the leafy babes! I have a few posted on mine as well

  19. Ahh such pretty plants!! And a cute dog 🤩

  20. Thank you! She's a big ol ham and tries to eat my plants, but she's my favorite.

  21. But……I’ll bet 8 out of 10 scratchy throats were made up. This manager sounded totally fed up. Bottom line: everybody sucks (both employees and employers).

  22. What a great example of your assumptions making an ass out of you.

  23. It was a guess (I wrote bet) based on 40 years of work experience. You’re the ass; I’ll bet an entitled ass who expects something for nothing. And I’ll bet our posts are deleted by the moderators for using the word ass.

  24. Is there anyway the dog could have burned itself on something? Or scraped it? Is this flat on the snout or a lump?

  25. I find the 'do you know who I am' card equivalent to a dog barking. Cause a dog that barks isn't actually dangerous, just trying to scare you off. When someone *does* know the owner, well either the owner knows that person is coming (because the guess is either an entitled idiot, or someone who is nice and won't mind any of these at all) or assuming the service has issues (which THIS CASE DID NOT), would silently get up and let the person know without making so much of a scene.

  26. Exactly. One of mine and my husband's friends owns 3 bars nearby, and any time we have an issue at any of them, we just send him a text about it. When you really know the owner, you don't have to actually tell the staff that, you to the owner, that you know, directly like a grown up.


  28. Menaces they are. Ours lived indoors their whole lives, from almost birth to 19 years old. It's not harmful for them, and much safer. Sometimes it can be the cat's guts that are scattered on the back porch, if they meet the wrong predator.

  29. Exactly. I told my best friend time after time that she shouldn't let her cats outdoors unsupervised. Then one day I got a call that her cat was seriously injured, and listened to her heaving sobs after having to euthanize him due to the extent of his injuries. I tell that story in full detail every time someone insists their cat will be fine outdoors.

  30. We just bought a trap off amazon, caught the mouse (in our case) and released it a few miles away. Then searched for/sealed up entrance points.

  31. This happened down the street from me. Driver wasn't ejected, he made the conscious choice to jump out before the truck fell. He and another truck hydroplaned for a while before the truck went off the freeway, when he saw the trajectory, he got ready to jump.

  32. This happened in my city, we had extremely heavy rains that day and he ended up sliding. He wasn't ejected, he made the choice to jump. Happened right down the street from me.

  33. From the way that they phrased it, it seems like it's their drawing from 4 years ago.

  34. Plus the shoe in the pic looks too small for a 4yo

  35. Realizing that Jason never walked through the door because he wanted so badly for Janet to have the gift he'd made her sends me into full on, heaving sobs. Especially since it kind of immediately follows the Chidi and Eleanor goodbye.

  36. Ohhhhhhhhh, that is a gorgeous moment. His love for her is ridiculously strong and endearing. To be loved like that!

  37. He really ended up becoming a monk 🥲

  38. Personally, when I did my home search I didn't even humor any homes with less than 2.5 bathrooms. I filtered my search to not even show me anything with less than that.

  39. It’s crazy to me that you can crawl into bed with someone who you threatened to leave earlier! Like you’re supposed to make me/ your partner feel safe and secure, I’m constantly feeling like I have to make sure he stays. It’s nuts to me, I don’t even know what the opposite feels like.

  40. Next time, say "Okay. Leave, then." and watch him turn ghost white and drop his jaw. He'll be stunned. He'll take it back, he'll say he didn't mean it. But stick to your guns.

  41. Doesn't sound terrible, just not good. Like I would eat it if someone made it and I didn't feel like driving to the store.

  42. Yeah, fruit and peanut butter is fine, it's just the canned fruit aspect that would turn me off.

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