1. I’ve been typed as FN and it makes me seriously sad everyday. I want to be SN, SD, TR or anything else other than FN. I admire Doja cat, Kim k, Kylie Jenner, ash kash, type bodies and that’s what’s “in” at the moment for young women, to be short and curvy. I can’t find any trendy clothes that suit my personal style and body, they’re all made for other types. I hate the FN recommendations, I want to appear sexy not “free spirited” whatever that means. I know FN is a supermodel type, and can pull off high fashion looks but that’s just not for me and the current standards of beauty/trends in social media.

  2. I’d check out Dua Lipa and Kendall Jenner, who are both FNs that lean into the style you’re describing. FNs can pull off the same things as SN, SD, etc. you just have to consider the accommodations.

  3. Since “lines” don’t really exist outside of YouTube/TikTok kibbe, I think it may confuse you more than help. For example, an outfit considered “classic lines” in one person’s opinion might actually work for multiple types. Think about how fabric interacts with your silhouette rather than trying on styles that arbitrarily match an ID. It’s probably easier to figure out what you accommodate this way and then realize your ID naturally.

  4. Bright or True Winter. Deeper shades overpower you a bit. My favorite colors are the bright blue and red.

  5. Romantic should be cock-fighting bc of their boneless chicken breast qualities 😻❤️

  6. I like the simple, sleek garments the best. My least favorite is the pink dress just because it seems to overpower you. #1 and #6 are stunning.

  7. I’m not sure how I feel about putting “skinny” before certain body types as if the default for those is to be… not thin. A thin person who is FN is not a “skinny FN”; there’s no additional qualifier needed—they’re just FN.

  8. I’d actually guess Dramatic, not really seeing curve or width that you would have to accommodate. Your primary accommodation seems to be vertical.

  9. The fact that “receding chin” is one of the desirable yin traits

  10. There are verified Ds with wider shoulders than her, tbf. If someone has Kibbe width then they would default to Natural family, but I don’t really see that for her.

  11. I love that this sub types people who are obviously narrow as FNs and then in cases like this you guys say people with wider shoulders can be Ds. Like there is zero logic behind the comments in this sub. “Grimes is a D, Zendaya is a FN.” That’s super logical indeed.

  12. Kibbe width isn’t the same thing as having “massive shoulders” though. Otherwise Gwenyth Paltrow and Anne Hathaway would not be FN.

  13. Yeah I’m not sure where the idea that SNs have “less curve” than the other curve accommodating IDs is coming from. I remember there was a post where someone said they felt “too curvy” for SN ???

  14. Lower curve isn’t considered in Kibbe accommodations. If she has moderate vertical, width, and curve then she’s probably SN.

  15. FN doesn’t have to wear oversized clothes. There’s no ID that is recommended to wear unflattering clothes, that defeats the purpose of Kibbe. “Unconstructed” and “flowing” does not mean you have to wear a tent. It just means you need garments that flow with the lines of your body, instead of clothes that are more structured and stiff.

  16. I think the shoulder length (top right) is my favorite, and then the bob with no layers :)

  17. Well, if you took the test and got TR then you’re like the other 99% of people who first get into Kibbe. They then end up realizing they are not, in fact, TR. Most women will self-describe as petite, curvy, delicate, narrow, etc. because they are thinking of those terms in the conventional sense, and it sounds more flattering to them. But the terms don’t always carry the conventional meaning when you see how Kibbe actually applies them to the verified celebrities.

  18. Honestly to me it sounds more like something someone would say if they were trying to help that person normalise and make friends with their particular body type. Like, a) there is a whole cluster of women out there who have a similar body to you and they make it work, which means b) you too can make it work, sister! Love your body!

  19. I think the issue is that FNs aren’t the designated “wide and big boned” type. Anyone can have larger bones or be wider, that has nothing to do with “width” in Kibbe. It’s like reducing FN to the Aly Art definition of the ID.

  20. However Lana Wood looks are not something that I feel I would like to use on 2022. I am honestly super lost....

  21. I think you should just look at the accommodations for SN instead of the “style inspo”. If you’re honoring width + curve that’s all you need, you can wear whatever colors and styles you want. Kibbe is mostly about how the clothing is tailored to your silhouette, all the other stuff is optional if you’re trying to recreate the Hollywood archetypes.

  22. First of all: Have you been watching Aly Art videos by chance?

  23. I think if she was truly a SG this would fit her frame a lot better?

  24. Strangely enough that dress reads more SN to me; waist emphasis, open neckline, flowing fabric, etc. It lacks structure and contrast for SG, which is what I think she would look better in.

  25. I think the issue is that people with body dysmorphia are more drawn to body classification systems, it’s usually a weird way to get the validation they don’t receive irl. Then they have a meltdown when they aren’t classified as the most favorable type by their standards. (I’m sure most of us have witnessed a couple of the there’s no way I’m FN bc I’m so soft and curvaceous like Marilyn Monroe meltdowns on here).

  26. Hey i wanna add my own perspective about the softness and curves as a tall woman with FN skeleton ... the reason i couldnt identify myself as a FN was because FN women are considered to be dryer and muscular... you may now see me like this " I’m so soft and curvaceous like Marilyn Monroe " not at all i dont even think i am that curvy or feminine or anything but objectively said i am not muscular and i am extremely fleshy (tbh i dont see fleshiness and softness as a good thing i personally wish i could get rid of it, because even when i am underweight i still look extremely "fleshy") Anyways i can objectively say that my skeleton is total FN, but my "flesh" just doesnt match the description. I would say i am like "tall soft natural" but i have heard people say multiple times that SN cant be tall. To me "softness" and "dryness" are neutral terms so i have genuine question "why couldnt there be women with FN skeleton that are soft?" But of course when i mention this people assume i am just another FN that wants to be romantic soft and curvaceous like Marilyn Monroe so it gets kinda upsetting. I am just describing my body the way it is. Thank you for reading :)

  27. The description of FN (or any ID really) is usually not applicable for every person. Similar to how not all Dramatics look like Tilda Swinton, not all FNs will look like Cindy Crawford.

  28. Considering her a tall FG is akin to people calling Taylor Swift a “tall gamine”, imo.

  29. Maybe check out the romantic celebrities from the 90s, like Kate Winslet and Drew Barrymore? A lot of the verified Rs were fashion icons during the 90s, there should be plenty of inspiration there. Plus, the color palettes that are associated with that style are very much in-line with dark winter.

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