1. "Self diagnosed autistic"sounds like a handy excuse for being a jerk. NTA.

  2. I don’t like going in the other lane, but sometimes you have no choice. He should have moved over, you were in the right. I usually give 10-15 seconds before rev bombing. If they still don’t move over, I go around them however I want to. I assume this will happen to them enough times that they learn to move over but time will tell.

  3. NTA. Rather, you are sweet and considerate, unlike your parents. They are definitely TA!

  4. They don't grow after they turn, so Bronx Baby is gonna be one for eternity. However, vampires don't stop learning, so I think I'd like to be in my 20s.

  5. With a group of non-vampire people that are just as dull as he is, and they actually love whatever he’s droning on about. He is desperate to figure out how to drain them.

  6. NTA. You don't know if she really was "waiting for hours," and she tried to push you.

  7. NTA. He put those pictures on your food like a gift. It was nice of you to frame them and hang them up.

  8. Which is a meaningless comparison since we're not in Wyoming

  9. Fair enough. I guess my point was, those tent people can't afford to live here but they're not going anywhere.

  10. I'll be shocked if there's a difference in Core/EV downtown. No way the hundreds of tents just magically disappear. This is going to be hard to enforce, and pretty futile to be honest. Maybe I'm wrong though.

  11. Yeah, lol What are they going to do,? Impose fines? Lock them up in our already overcrowded jail system? Fixing the economy might help but too many people want to live here, rent is ridiculous, and a gallon of gas has exceeded minimum wage. Some times we're living in, eh?

  12. Way to crap on a tradition beloved by all except sourpuss crabby Appleton bible thumpers.

  13. NTA, her parents are TA here. It sucks for the kid, but maybe this will wake mom and dad up to real life consequences of not setting behavioral boundaries for their child. Letting kids scream constantly, aside from being inconsiderate to everyone else in earshot, is just plain bad parenting and unsafe. 8 years old is third grade for most kids - that's definitely old enough to be taught basic limits, and the reasoning of "screaming is for emergency situations only."

  14. I have a squirt bottle for when my parrot gets into screaming mode. Works just fine...

  15. He knows the difference between the mist and the stream settings. He's not stupid.

  16. Yeah, I know a guy like that. He talks bikes, he hangs out where bikers go, he doesn't ride and he buys us beer.

  17. What kind of experience will they be missing out on? Florida during hurricane season?

  18. Yeah, I had a bully in middle school. I complained to teachers, got the same "we'll talk to him" response. Nothing changed until I stuck him with a nail file and made him cry. (just a wee scratch along his ribs, nothing serious.)

  19. Maybe don't go door to door with hot issues that most people don't support?

  20. I came whooshing into the parking lot in front of the Airheads Beemer Club guys. And right in front of everyone, my kickstand fell off and I fell over. Damned embarrassing, I tells ya!

  21. If the number one perk is a doubling of my salary I'll take it, otherwise gtfo I'm keeping sweatpants, no commute and being forced into a space with people I don't choose to share it with

  22. You mean you don't wish to socialize with random people you only see because you share office space? People you have nothing in common with? People you wouldn't hang out with in your free time?

  23. Drinking so much that they probably have diabetes. 😂

  24. My general impression has been that school sports aren't a big deal in the UK in general, but in the US they're huge. [American] football especially so. After-school activities in general are much more significant in the US, including music, arts, foreign languages, community service, etc.. It's your life when you're an American teenager, because your social status, your identity, and your university options are all tied up in your extracurriculars.

  25. When I was in high school, those stupid football rallies were MANDATORY. It disrupted my English class; they'd line us up and march us to the gym. I kept ducking out into the library.

  26. My great uncle once said he misses the days when you could just take a boy like the football player To a secluded spot and beat the crap out of him so he’d leave a woman alone. I know men like my great uncle were a rarity, but it’s a shame how far society goes to protect the predators these days.

  27. Maybe not a bus in my case, but I'm definitely being cremated. I just don't see the point in a costly funeral and embalming all for me to molder in the grave.

  28. Yeah, me too. Funerals are kinda like the anti-wedding. Many people make cultural rituals into big shows. Nuts to all that stuff.

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