1. Osric Chau from supernatural. He has a similar face and I think it would be a good role for him.

  2. I’m sorry! 5’3-4 thank you! Are there ways you can tell between blended vs mixture of opposites? I have such a hard time seeing the differences.

  3. I’m thinking maybe soft classic or soft gamine? What’s the first thing you see? Note: 5’3. My friends are just also very tiny.

  4. I had the exact same thought, I vote for this!

  5. its a real conundrum. I am an advocate for free and open discussion and debate around ideas, but there needs to be some kind of limit to the stream of endless typing posts, which will alienate the very people who might have some clue about helping them.

  6. I should mention, about 5’3. The first photo is just a body outline not a line sketch or anything. It’s just so you can see the outline better. I’m adding a few more photos here.

  7. Exactly. But at least then you don’t have to worry about them monitoring you off of Facebook.

  8. A lotta name brand fruit juices have lot more sugar than folks like to pay attention to

  9. Yeah parents think juice is totally fine but juice almost always has as much if not more sugar than the same amount of soda.

  10. Except fruit juice has vitamins and nutrients kids need to thrive and soda doesn’t. Get them hooked on that instead of soda and you’ve done a great job.

  11. What’s really unhealthy is this mindset that we must have less. I know obesity is a real problem, but we should focus on everything in moderation. And if a glass of fruit juice is the healthiest thing you can get your kid to eat or drink, be thankful, it has a lot of nutrients to fuel their growing bodies. Our brains need sugar.

  12. Oh my gosh! Same timeline as you. I’m also 26 and have loved it since I was 12. It was such a formative part of my development as a teen. I think it really helped me be more kind and understanding.

  13. oh no! people who like glossier are working together to find/buy glossier at cheaper prices!

  14. I think you may have misinterpreted my comment. I only mean that it may have us driving around to find things long gone. The thread is started, if you chose to try it, I hope you find what you’re looking for.

  15. sheesh aren’t you fun at parties

  16. Also, ouch, I’m just sharing my own thought. I’m not preventing anyone from doing this.

  17. FG or underweight SG (health problems,) and I like high rise since I have a short torso and my tummy pushes too much on mid rise and puffs out over low rise. I like straight legs or boyfriend jeans.

  18. I read on here that gamine family and pure D are the most rare. N family are the most common... so maybe SD, R fam, and C fam are somewhere in between?

  19. I disagree. I’m gamine and have a few gamine friends and a whole bunch of people on the internet are gamines but that could just be who flocks to Kibbe because they have a hard time finding clothes.

  20. It could also have to do with who gravitates towards Kibbe. Classic types are probably most likely to fit into off the rack clothing and never go searching for why they don’t fit things. My friends who are SC and my mom who’s DC had very little trouble finding clothes that fit their bodies even if it may not look quite perfect. Maybe my mom with her somewhat wide shoulders but that about all.

  21. I agree with ALL of these. That’s about my list. Maybe not as much sleepwalking?

  22. Holly J and Zoe but they WERE bullies. Katie and marisol next. They were just flat out mean to almost everyone. Constantly. Marisol never even redeemed herself.

  23. Yeah it's pretty great. Maybe give Chinatown a go, if you've not seen it.

  24. Only other thing that came close for me was the Northman this year. The visuals were amazing, costuming department killed it, and really portrayed how getting caught up in religion can really control your life.

  25. The trick is to stop going to the theatre, if you have a local film fest, trust, check it out

  26. there is like no where to watch this in the US! anyone got a lead please help! everytime i remember i want to watch this its like nowhere to be seen

  27. Just the mascara probably! Maybe some cloud paints but that’s the only mascara that doesn’t smudge on me and still separates my short sparse lashes

  28. Do you think my friend is a SD? Shes 5’6 My Other friend and I are with her in the second picture, I’m 5’ and he’s ~5’5

  29. It is extremely stupid to say that they don’t want to see a bunch of white people on the screen again only to pick these books and the universe in which it is set. You’re portraying a family so obsessed with the purity of its blood that brothers and sisters marry one another. Also, the conflict is centered around a child being a bastard based on his looks. This makes no sense based on the story itself.

  30. YES or even create new shows not based on books so there can’t even be complaints about source material. Know what I miss? LoveCraft Country. It was a lil campy and cheesy, just like old sci-fi, but what pulled it off was just how fucking GOOD all the acting was and the fact the portrayed real storylines of black history and used sci-fi to do it and make it interesting. What a badass show.

  31. It’s a world in a different universe where summers and winters last for years and magic and dragons exist, anything GRRM says goes really, it’s his creation, there’s also a lot of inbreeding with no physical deformities

  32. Didn’t they describe Tyrion as a product of inbreeding? That could just be my assumption though.

  33. Right. I think the difference to me is: actors have always been there for one purpose, to play a convincing part. I think they should definitely try the best they can to find a person who fits the role’s description in race the best they can, if they cannot, I can see them hiring a person who looks the part and can act the part. In the show you mentioned, I think they did neither.

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