1. I don't think I remember that part, seems they were trying VERY HARD to get stabbed by him half the movie XD

  2. Also the doctor couple, the mob, Marion, basically anyone who chose to engage, which was more than two thirds of them lol

  3. What's sad is they will call Ron a snowflake for disabling his blog, yet they are the ones who are screaming about a fucking art style.

  4. I feel like mocking gamers used to be fun but holy shit, I don't know what they've been seasoning their chicken tendies with these last few weeks but it's unusually unhinged recently.

  5. Their side is winning (in the US), with the overturning of Roe V Wade and the proposals SCOTUS have on the horizon, they are getting everything they want and it is emboldening them.

  6. I need to remind myself that it's the vocal minority (sorry, ahem, the vocal political/s) that is like this. But this subreddit used to be fun to browse but now I feel like I need to avoid this shit

  7. The fact that this scene barely got talked about anywhere is insane to me. It's been posted on Twitter constantly and the reaction is always "meh" but they'll flip out at Call Me By Your Name. It's up there with the Jesus Joker in terms of outjerkedness but no one cares. What gives?

  8. Don't tell me that you don't know how videogame development works without telling me you don't know shit about how videogame development works.

  9. You're right, I WISH they would not tell us they didn't know how it works, AKA stop posting this shit

  10. Here's the version with noise. IDK why it didn't post with noise here

  11. I posted the EXACT SAME VID on another subreddit and it posted with noise...idk why

  12. It is very funny, and I think it's intelligent WRITING, I think the mistake is people mixing up "intelligent" for "deep".

  13. Everyone has been tripping over themselves to be as awful as possible in this last week

  14. I wanted to let you know that this post made me remember the trailer to this game. I remember how good it looked but never played it. It’s on game pass so I downloaded it earlier and just started it.

  15. "You made me start Outer Wilds" is a compliment I'm going to treasure.

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