1. boy pablo and tame impala in 2019 for my first festival experience . carti set last year and kaycyy this year

  2. I’m here for Bring Me doing like a 7 pm set at the north stage

  3. Haven’t all shows since then been festivals though? They typically get shorter setlists anyway

  4. this. i’m sure on the tour they’ll run thru their 1hr30mim set which will have House of Wolves and like Medicine and others

  5. If we get even half of the undercard i’ll be happy because i like almost all of them

  6. There’s technical mixing to where everything is “right”, but sometimes u just gotta fuck with your levels and highlight some parts by making some unconventional or wrong moves. not to excuse bad mixes as “oh it’s art bro 🤓” but these guys are very intentional and make every move with conviction. i have no problem with WLR personally

  7. I agree, all the collabs and other moves in the past year made it feel like they were priming themselves for breaking into the maaaainstream general consciousness. Seems Strangers was a letdown or just not good enough, but I think we’ll see whenever PH2 comes out.

  8. Yep, but I was asking for the historical prices of the last few years haha

  9. i really think moving forward we need some major production upgrades. perrys was disappointing this year, the main stages never change, small stages have nearly no production value whatsoever. coachella did a major upgrade to their mainstage in 2016 and i really wish lolla would do the same for at least one of the mains sometime soon. add more pyro too!

  10. Whenever I see coachellas stage with the curved screens i’m just in awe. It just looks so cool and it’s a shame we don’t have anything as cool.

  11. glad I caught her during the CRASH tour because a lot of the standing around kinda killed the mood. it is what it is though and I hope the j hope fans have a good time

  12. amo was one of their absolute best albums and I wish they continued that way instead of the EPs.

  13. I always get downvoted for saying this but I truly believe Amo is their best. I’ve still yet to see a good reason to make me believe otherwise.

  14. I think his vocals have always been this crazily processed and that it’s only reaaaallyy sticking out now because they’re mixed higher (compared to the rest of the discog). probably done to be more akin to other commercial pop mixes . That in your face vocal is a part of that “sound”

  15. I wish that it had a bit more electronic elements in it. Like the last 10 seconds of the song sounded really cool and I wished they used those elements a bit more. They said they want this EP to be future emo and I think bringing the electronic/modern elements more to the forefront would be better suited for that goal.

  16. i love how they always seem to sneak in some breakcore/jungle/whatever edm subgenre it is into their songs. always a tease

  17. Die4U had to grow on me (i love it now) but THIS? Instant bop to me

  18. Oli does not have the vocal ability to be a solo artist.

  19. The rest of the band is just too talented to make a solo venture worth it imo. Lee and Jordan being able to bring Olis ideas to life is probably an underrated aspect to their success

  20. this might be crazy but it’s one of my favorite albums of all time. I’ve always said that if literally any other artist released it, it would be sooo highly regarded. it’s just that bmth has this expectation to make metalcore so releasing anything other than that sets them a step behind in terms of fan perception.

  21. As someone who loves cybery hyper pop/rock PC music style stuff, this is horrible or atleast did not meet my expectations at all (i like some of ALGs songs). Like it sounds like someone found the SOPHIE splice pack and started going crazy lmao. On the song I think Oli even says “I don’t use splice baby i fuckin abuse it” if i’m hearing it correctly 😂😂

  22. I don’t really have an opinion as to wherever or not it’s good or bad (i guess leaning towards good), but yeah i agree that it just comes with the territory of throwing these larger-than-life productions

  23. The extended shadow moses intro into shadow moses is the only answer

  24. On a side note, hopefully this puts an end to all the people moaning about collaborations. I mean, the alternative was 9 months of silence after DiE4u, and did anyone really want that? They kept us fed with decent to good songs in the meantime so why not. Oli on a hyperpop track with Alice Longyu Gao next week is gonna be crazy


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