1. It's not. But if you want to be reductionist, the logical conclusion is that there is no such thing as "synchronous" communication in a modern operating system.

  2. Other commenter has a point though, microservices *should* be event/message-driven and not merely asynchronous.

  3. Event driven and message driven are not the same thing.

  4. Maybe I'm wrong, but I consider sync vs async mainly the idea that you are not blocking (or in an invalid state) while you wait for a response.

  5. I have just tried it with simple parameter (int and char...) but the default keyword is not behaving as I suspect.

  6. Just be careful that for value types, these are different:

  7. One of the biggest wins that comes from interfaces, even when there’s only a single implementation, is then being able to effectively mock classes and doing true unit testing. You definitely lose that capability if you follow this practice.

  8. It's easy to "Extract interface" as needed if you want to start testing something or introduce an alternate implementation. I don't think it requires preventive interface-everything unless you're building a shared library.

  9. The main benefit of { } is that it checks for not null only.

  10. It doesn't matter. SQL Server is better/cheaper/faster than Dataverse as a plain SQL database, no question.

  11. He will fix broken tests in CI but does not add tests for his new code. I have rejected his other PRs due this problem. This last one really takes the cake. 250 files. Omg. Who does that??

  12. Yikes, I'm that guy (but also the tech lead) so here's some possible arguments to our defense.

  13. The app itself is just a one-off kind of thing with only a few users. I'm converting from an old SharePoint app and need the ability to do a join on two tables as part of my query. I can't see a way to do this with what is included in the SDK. So I'm looking for either an explanation of how to implement a SQL query or a way to join multiple tables within the SDK.

  14. Yeah don't use SQL for this. Establishing the connection to SQL and troubleshooting any issues is going to be more trouble than using standard query capabilities of the platform, which even though they suck compared to SQL, are predictable/reliable.

  15. As someone who works at a finance company, i dont know how it is possible to not use something like GA... We use something more advanced and

  16. None of these use cases requires a third party to collect this data and provide you some of it back as a service.

  17. I agree - for me DI is about the intent: reuse, wrapping/extending/swapping implementations, providing test mocks, decoupling modules, etc..

  18. With a font size 10x smaller than the sticker price. Still ways to go.

  19. I own a 2019 Bolt LT that I bought in Edmonton in March 2019. It's a great car and should be selling better, but at 40K it's a hard sell. That extra 10 to 15K for electric is the problem.

  20. I don't understand why 10-15K is stopping people when you know you will recoup the savings on gas within the lifetime of the vehicle, meanwhile adding 200K+ to mortgages these last years haven't seemed to be a problem.

  21. I guess the point is that Sharepoint/Onedrive doesn't have backups, only versions & recycle bins?

  22. Les alternatives n'étaient pas pires, seulement inconnu et sans un vrai stratégie pour gagner.

  23. I don't think the problem is with the code. Images or sleep won't help.

  24. Not a worthy economy. When you get an exception, you don't know which argument is in cause, it's more cumbersome to debug or refactor a particular's argument validation.

  25. FYI since .Net Core 3+ you build statically linked binaries, they are just called "Single File Executables"

  26. I think this doesn't include static linking of native C libraries -- only C# dlls. I believe Go can link C no problem.

  27. Domaine public donc non, pas vraiment.

  28. Compenser les déplacements bénifierait tous les groupes d'emplois assez équitablement: ceux qui se déplacent one une compensation plus élévée (même si en pratique ça remplacerait une augmention au départ), ceux qui télé-travaillent ne l'ont pas mais ont plus de temps/choix et l'employeur à un incitatif de le permettre sur le long terme. Le domaine publique à rien à voir, la loi s'appliquerait là aussi.

  29. So basically as rates go up variables pay less and less principle each month until they're basically paying only interest, at which point the lender starts raising their payments?

  30. Basically. I really don't see the fear mongering about it though.

  31. my follow up question to this is that why would you want something in a collection which is essentially non existent? would you not just omit the entry altogether or is there an application for having nulls in a collection?

  32. Doing x=>x is not null is perfect and necessary if you know you data have nulls and you don't want them. If you know your data has no nulls, it's pointless, at best a precaution.

  33. And this comment is especially important:

  34. One thing React taught me well is the meaning of the word "leaky abstraction".

  35. Relationships can accelerate your career. I get the hostility people have towards employers who have systemically taken advantage of workers, but relationships are the shortcut to getting ahead, and to dismiss them is foolish.

  36. That's contradicting the common wisdom that to move ahead you want to switch jobs. In other words, the relationships you're looking for are outside the office anyway.

  37. If you're going to inline a ternary, I find this newer syntax is often easier to read:


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