1. I’m not good at typing men so please take it with a grain of salt…

  2. I put on Facebook kibbe group a pic in my underwear. Everyone commented saying Pure dramatic!

  3. Oh my god I have the same thing!! Did you fix it! What did you do??

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  5. Thanks man...yes US. Charlotte, NC. Ok this is the perfect season to do it.

  6. Nice one! Wear with confidence and you will get a lot of positive attention 😊

  7. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day! Just upvoted you, can you return on some of my recent posts?

  8. I am new to this whole thing, but I’ve always bought AF retail. Honestly I would never ever guess they were fake 🤣 do I have a shit untrained eye? Potentially. But seriously think they look cool!!!

  9. You're not really skinny fat brother. Any sort of fat you feel like you have in stubborn areas will be negligent once you start building some muscle. Strength train atleast 3 times a week with progressive overload and eat slightly above maintenance, while focusing on getting in good nutrient-dense foods.

  10. Hey Thomas! Thanks for your comment, I appreciate the advice! Ok - do you think I can use a mass gainer? I find it hard to gain weight

  11. you're just skinny. Just start bulking and working out. Make sure you're actually gaining weight

  12. Hey thanks for your comment! Ok I need to start doing that.. I will buy a mass gainer haha

  13. She deserves all the happiness in the world !!!! The queen is pregnant

  14. So, using the color wheel: There are cool and warm versions of each color. The simplest way of explaining is as follows: Firstly, look at where yellow sits. You may use the color wheel you’ve linked. It is between red and blue. Now, imagine you’re a little fellow walking on the color wheel. In order to get to blue from yellow, you would have to stroll through green. So as you near green, the yellow will have more of a greenish tinge to it. These yellows that are closer to green are called “cool-toned yellow”. Likewise, if we walk towards orange, we’ll notice our yellows getting more orangey (more golden, etc.). Those are warm yellows. And we can do the same with every color. Hopefully this explanation helps!

  15. It literally does not make sense. You can have a cooler toned yellow but all yellow is warm, when you add blue to yellow it makes green.

  16. I think you’ve misunderstood. Yes, blue + yellow is green. That’s why I explained that we would have to walk through green to get to blue from yellow, hence cool yellows will have a greenish tinge. In art speak, that yellow is said to have a green bias. Remember that there are lots of versions of every color. Take a look at cadmium yellow vs. lemon yellow. Can you see a difference?

  17. I understand what your trying to say and I used to feel the same way.

  18. I think you are warm and bright as well. The black in the second picture seems to pale you out and the olive green shirt gives you a great contrast between. You already have a sharp contrast that I don’t think you need strong dark colors. I think Spring maybe?

  19. Same here. I think I’m cool but everyone thinks I’m warm and delicate. It hurts my head lol.

  20. I’m probably just going to end up paying for the consultation typing she offers!

  21. yeah I hope Britney gets peace and that she'll be truly happy despite all that has stopped her from reaching that point.

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