1. Have you noticed how the tastes and standards of viewers have changed since the 2010s? What are your thoughts on the youtube audience during this era and have you shifted your content to account for this?

  2. Bro the game is literally just a kid who killed his sister, and you expect to be a better game? What more could we add, more headspace?

  3. Less headspace actually, last resort and humphrey ruined the pacing. And I'm the type of person who doesn't mind doing a bit of grinding.

  4. Literally we got telled that Omor did the headspace that extended to hide the truth and blackspace for as long as he can.

  5. That's true, but it still made those parts of the game a slog to get through. You already have a good idea of what the truth is at that point yet the player is forced to continue grinding and doing an honestly unnecessary puzzle sequence. Just because it makes sense in the story doesn't mean it translates well into gameplay.

  6. George V and Basil are actually really similar.

  7. This is a huge guide for a nation that is unfortunately massively underrated, well done!

  8. bruh sweetheart aint a villain 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  9. bro literally stabbed someone in public

  10. My favorite part of this update is when August IV said "it's geheirmet time" and didnt give a shit about whats going on in politics and went back to drawing his art

  11. Who is Victoria and why are there 3 of them?

  12. Funnily enough, unless you divided up the floor with multiple clips, the floor will just take one cubemap for its reflections.

  13. I did that, into little squares. 2 units per. Have one 8x8 cause max_map_brushsides

  14. Brings me great joy that this community continues to grow after making my first post in 2017. Let's keep going!

  15. I got that one too, and the Japanese hadn't advanced like, anywhere close to the Yellow River so...

  16. Just like the actual historical event. Bravo Paradox.

  17. I always preferred Doublecross over Landfall, even though Doublecross shares the same issues as 2fort and Turbine though less exaggerated. Doublecross to me is the top standard ctf map as there's plenty of fun for each class and plenty of ways to trying to capture the intel without going through intense chokepoints like 2fort.

  18. I did that already for my earlier versions but player visibility in this area is very important, this is what 60% of the fights happen, so i removed it

  19. Makes sense, though keep in mind that lots of CSS maps had pretty heavy fog compared to CSGO, especially dust2. Also skybox fog wouldn't affect gameplay so adding a little bit of that would help the atmosphere.

  20. Of course, it’s in the sky_camera entity and works the same as env_fog_controller. Though make sure it isn’t too strong or it would look worse than no skybox fog

  21. If there's a Quake Mapping contest, I'd be so down, I just installed trenchboom

  22. There's plenty on gamebanana, my suggestions would be:

  23. It's also worth mentioning that really old demos might not work in current TF2 due to differing bins. Because major updates can change code in the game, demos might bug out or crash since it will either not be able to find the old code that it was used to or get confused by the new weapons.

  24. Amazing guide, very thorough! I love this new Manchu tree, there's a lot more strategy involved in utilising not only the backer but the government as well. The replay-ability is off the charts in this one.

  25. Thank you! I know, the new paths open so many doors to new Cold War scenarios.

  26. Thanks! Maybe I'll make a post later on about it :)

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