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  1. Skated at my local tennis court and not 10 minutes later a woman pulled up in her car almost hysterical saying that I needed to get off. Then pointed at me to go on the other tennis court right next to it that was super old and hadn’t been remodeled in a VERY long time, If I were more hardcore I would have just skated on that one and broken my ankle just to prove how unsafe it was.

  2. Every time I play swf I almost always lose. It’s just so hard to keep your friends AND yourself alive

  3. I am also a stylist that just loves to blowdry. I type “blowdry specialist” into my search bar on Instagram just to take a look at girls who are successfully doing blowouts and styling for a living, and it really inspires me to make it my niche. It’s definitely a thing too. Take a look if you need some inspiration.

  4. YES! the anxiety and pressure I feel from cutting/color is just too much for me but I adore doing hair. And doing a beautiful blowout just makes my day ❤️ thank you! I’ll definitely keep looking into it then 🥰

  5. Do you have a art Insta? I’d love to follow!

  6. honestly probably any of them for various reasons but make room!!!!, na na na, i’m not okay (i promise), you don’t know what they do to guys like us in prison, party poison, or destroya in a pumped up sense. if it’s bcz i’d be bawling my eyes out, the situation is different 🥹

  7. I didn’t even think abt make room!! Yessss this song goes hard on the highway at 1 am

  8. Honey this mirror isn’t big enough, You know what they do to guys like us, and thank you for the venom

  9. God rock Christmas songs make me so happy, ESP this song and cry cry Christmas by mother mother

  10. Look into it!! They have two and they’re so so perfect ❤️

  11. y’all can’t let people be happy, this is so so cool! 💖💖

  12. Yo, your boyfriend automatically the homie then 🫱🏻‍🫲🏼

  13. He’s been obsessed with him for about 3/4 years now, he only watched euphoria all of the way through because he found out Dominic was going to be in season 2 haha, he’ll appreciate this comment 🫡

  14. I’m DUMb I forgot that was even a thing 🥲 I’ll def just try to get there as early as possible and if I’m not directly in barrier that’s fine

  15. For real they’ll probably do a tour next year for the album

  16. They’ve pretty much confirmed it, they actually commented something cryptic alluding to a tour on a TikTok complaining about the ticket pricing and how insane it all was. If I can find it I’ll link it :)

  17. OKAY I FOUND IT, they said “Appreciate you so much. We’ll be headlining soon I promise! - Vic❤️”

  18. So weird? It worked for me just fine, maybe it’s just glitching for you for some reason 🥲 hate to see it

  19. Is it a joke? Edit: why am I being downvoted I was genuinely asking

  20. Downvoted bc redditors are just mean 😭

  21. HOLY SHIT THIS IS SO BADASS!!! Happy late bday! ✨✨💖💖💖

  22. I have this same turntable 🥰🥰🥰

  23. Same w Hayley Williams and Gerard way 🙌🏻

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