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Shows the Silver Award... and that's it.

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  1. insert cringey JoJo enemy stand ability reveal here

  2. Mai Bengali hu but Mai bachpan se alag alag jagah reh Chuka hu (papa ki transferable job thi) but papa ki retirement ke baad humlog Bengal me settle ho gaye and ye log non Bengalis ko "hindustani" bolte hai, matlab ye log sochte hai jo log Hindi bolte hai woh hindustani hote hai (Bengali hu isiliye para likh diya)

  3. Mai toh relate bhi nhi kar paa raha humare samne Wale dukan me bas auntiya aati hai

  4. Mujhe St + girl + handicapped Banna hai taki Mai competitive exams me Bina padhe ja saku

  5. Ah good old school days we used to do the same shit one used to throw a jacket on someone then the whole class used to beat him for absolutely no reason I wish I could do the same thing with HR

  6. Why can't Indians stay calm ? Because from birth they are under pressure for studying rather than overall development not to mention jee/neet pressure after that the job pressure, some people are forced to overwork by their bosses and maybe after coming back home they have certain problems with the family itself maybe his or her son not listening to them or maybe got too much debt on their head that results in anxiety that's why we are mostly short tempered. What can I possibly do other than crying about this on reddit ?

  7. Idk why but maybe she is flying beast's sister or something

  8. 3 options in that case either cut it off or get erectile dysfunction or roll it and tie it with a rope or something

  9. 30 mins of selecting the perfect video only for 2 seconds of satisfaction on Brave


  11. And circumcisions too coz mine work like a sprinkler after circumcision

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