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  1. “Wish you weren’t so awkward, bud”

  2. I would love a Sisko show! But it's my understanding that the actor, Avery Brooks, retired from acting long ago....which is a massive bummer, imo. He was fantastic. It's a hard pass for me on a Jake show.

  3. Why are people acting like Whitmer herself wrote this bill? Do you know how the government works? If you disagree with this or think it is a waste of government time/money, take it up with Rep. Rodney Wakeman who sponsored the bill, not the Governor who is just doing her job by signing a bill that already passed the House and Senate.

  4. No thank you. I don't even want to use restaurant fountain pop machines because people are disgusting and are always touching the taps, for some reason.

  5. I miss all my clothes from before I had my baby. I know it “doesn’t matter” but it makes me sad that I don’t have any clothes that make me feel like myself.

  6. I feel the exact same way! My girl is already 15 months old and I still can't wear my "before pants." Some old tops fit, but I feel awkward in many of them. The real kicker is that I know I am not working hard enough (or very hard at all) to get back to where I was pre-baby, so I feel guilty. Meanwhile, when I do spend time working out I feel guilty for taking the time for myself that I could be spending with my girl. It's a complex issue and I just don't have the energy to address it. **BIG SIGH**

  7. I don’t think the majority of Michiganders support third trimester abortion let alone up until the moment of birth abortion.

  8. Where does this article state anything about late-term abortions? Even the current ballot initiative to amend the constitution only protects the right to abortions until “fetal viability” which is generally accepted as around 23-24 weeks. The third trimester begins at around 28 weeks. You’re tilting at windmills my guy, fighting an enemy that doesn’t exist. The majority of Michiganders probably don’t support third term abortions (with exceptions for health of the mother) but they overwhelmingly do support abortion in any other instance which is what Whitmer is trying to address here.

  9. The article doesn't say anything about third term abortions, probably because they're not very common. I brought up that stat because if a 3rd term abortion were necessary for some reason it would be something a woman would determine with her doctor. It seemed relevant.

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