1. Depends on how much you’re taking with you. I did 10 days in Italy out of an older redwing 32 that was small enough to put under the seat as a personal item on my connecting flight. I’m looking to upgrade to the more recent version, though, as it seems to have better padding and fit

  2. Then would just say T10 because it includes T5

  3. I was an infant at the time, but I later found out that 2 girls who went to my high school were the daughters of the captain of the first plane. Their English teacher was still teaching by the time I reached high school and I had him for sophomore lit class. He told us he could still remember them screaming from down the hallway when they heard the news.

  4. I don’t have a comprehensive packing list, unfortunately. However, I brought a sling daypack, a laptop, a book, a small journal, all my associated chargers, an external battery, 1 packing cube for clothing, 1 for undergarments, a toiletries bag, a spare pair of shoes, and some other small knick knacks in a 32L Kelty Redwing. You can absolutely fit what you need in 30-35L, if not less!

  5. I had a stroke scrolling past and only seeing the title

  6. Have you used the trail 40 before or did you get it for this trip? I’m strongly considering getting it for my international travels but I can’t decide between that and the ruckpack

  7. Gregory jade 38? It has good ventilation and both a top load and a clamshell opening, which is nice

  8. trying to recover karma from your previous post I see?

  9. Is this in response to the SAT guy from yesterday 😂

  10. Hi idk who you are or what you’ve been through, and I’m certainly well behind you in the process, but it is going to be ok!! You are your own worst critic and you’re smarter and more resilient than you give yourself credit for. You will only move forward stronger!

  11. This dudes post and comment history is 99% bragging about his SAT score. He’s so full of himself but I feel like he’s also trolling a bit at this point too

  12. Idk who this guy is but we don’t claim him

  13. Compared to the age of the average matriculant, yes.

  14. This guy’s one personality trait is his SAT score, but he doesn’t know what matriculate means

  15. I find Osprey packs to be heavy and bulky personally. If you have your heart set on that brand, I would go for the Fairview 40 for travel since 40L is usually the maximum size for carry on luggage.

  16. Thank you for this! Also thinking about the Gregory Jade 38, if you or anyone else has any experience with that one

  17. Do you want to check your luggage or not? The Fairview is made to fit as a carry on bag and the Kyte will be too tall and needs to be checked in. A lot of hiking packs are heigher and this means that my 35L hiking pack is too big for carry on while my 40L fairview does fit.

  18. Definitely going to REI when I get a chance! I would prefer not to check my luggage, so you raise a good point

  19. I agree. I was happy to find such a nice community after being apart of the cod community for so long. Also Theseus can die.

  20. Die again and again and again and again and—

  21. Tips for c/p section!! Eg how to study for it and way to understand concepts

  22. This!!! also, I f with your username 😅

  23. 100 or 300 page KA doc is way better! Kaplan isn't comprehensive for P/S, so def recommend switching (it should also save you time!)

  24. Sorry what is the KA doc? Is it something I can Google?

  25. Uhhh I don’t think that’s an app killer at all, someone correct me if I’m wrong?? I’d be happy to get a 511. Your GPA is stellar and a 511 seems pretty good so maybe it’s another factor. But at the end of the day, it only takes one. Hang in there and best of luck

  26. Hades, especially now that the second game has been announced! I'm a decent way in, but I haven't gotten the credits to roll yet and I want to finish the main story at least before Hades II is out.

  27. Suuuuuch a good game, I hit the credits roll a while ago but I’m still plugging away simply because of its high replayability. Hades 2 is going to be epic!!

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