1. Well spoken, I enjoy his precision and intellect, but kinda a cake u never tried.

  2. Broke down and added 400$ today, 55 avg.

  3. Out here in Colorado. Figured this is the perfect spot to get the word out

  4. PLUG headed to $100 soon. πŸš€πŸš€πŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž

  5. Hold for 3+ years, avg down, and you won't get burned.

  6. At this rate we will all average down to fucking 2$ and it’ll be delisted

  7. Why does it feel like this boat is sinking?

  8. Our whole economy seems like a sinking

  9. What will happen to all the land owned by these fuel companies? Or, is the land leased by the fuel companies? Probably the latter.

  10. How low will it go before big news sends it rocketing?

  11. What's the next possibility of big news? I'm having trouble finding their pipeline.

  12. Probably months, perhaps years from the big news giving this company some traction. Long term investment regardless.

  13. I'd like EVgo and Chpt to dominate the charging station world, both highway fast chargers and at home charging stations. Tesla will be a player, but these 2 should have the other largest market shares. πŸ™πŸ€žπŸ€€

  14. Should vehicle manufacturers also own/operate charging infrastructure?

  15. They probably own oil and gas company shares. No?


  17. What makes you think it'll go mid-Sept?

  18. It won't let me buy, but I am too lazy too figure out how to make it work

  19. Fidelity is "warning" me about penny stocks now when I try to buy.....2 weeks ago it wasn't...odd

  20. Added another 100 today! Who else sees this company going way up in the future??

  21. Dippin into my life savings today! MNMD hodor

  22. Looks like there is a big EV rotation today. Ford GM CHPT NIO CCIV TSLA are all down

  23. All seem to be mimicking the Russell

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