1. You must be one of those poop soup dabber’s Hit a nerve huh!😅

  2. worse of the bunch. thinnest walls compared to the rest like LIQ, HE, Eternal or Halens. Also overpriced and overhyped, my opinion. i don’t use mine.

  3. Wow I feel the opposite I love my Evan shore

  4. Really it’s a mj Arsenal Banger what do you expect

  5. That’s fucked get him A donut from the pet store they’re a lot more comfortable

  6. He ain’t no hash snob if that’s what he got

  7. That just means it’s Quality product you used to start with

  8. Wait till it’s dry, press it with a hot water bottle. Then weighs it, and then take 40-70% of this amount, it will be the weighs of the rosin… So I guess not a lot haha. Small batch are perfect to learn and try new things tho, don’t listen to those hater sayin « less than 1 gram don’t bother doing it blablablabla ». Live and learn my friend bless have a good day

  9. How much material did you use for all that?

  10. What you should ask is what is all that yellowing

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