1. And thats not all! Netherite ingots contain 4 Gold ingots, making netherite Blocks the heaviest block.

  2. Hmm…. That’s a fair point. Each ingot is 2142.44kg and a Netherite block would then have 36 ingots, so each Netherite Block would weight 77,128kg plus the weight of of the netherite scraps.

  3. And then there are Shulker Boxes so its 27 Times that.

  4. I thought I included that in my original math: 27 (shulker box slots)x37 (total Steve slots, with off hand)x64 (stack size)xweight

  5. He has been leading actor in 40 years in such a variety of movies that few can top that. Also he is extremely ambitious and is said very good to work with and supporting. Don't forget he is his own stuntman like they did in the old days.

  6. Perhaps putting the server on the newest version, would that stop clients from using it on the server?

  7. Can anyone help me. I’m buying a chihiros light for my tank that’s 30” in length but idk which one would be best. Here’s the link to the website

  8. No one knows what you are putting in the tank and how much you are willing to spend on a light. $50? $100? $200? $600? I’d likely suspect you’d get a different answer for each of those price points.

  9. I find it strange how Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and others can be sent packing for sexually assaulting people, but somehow Mike Tyson is given a pass.

  10. Did he get accused, again, after getting out of prison?

  11. What’s the, uhh… opposite of this?

  12. Suppose his lawyer did that intentionally to save the country, I cannot find it in my heart to criticize him. I know it's a terrible transgression to breach trust as a lawyer but Jan 6 is about the future of democracy as a system and the entire free world. If Trump doesn't fall, global fascism has a damn good chance of winning yet.

  13. Likely this falls on the same side of Hanlon’s Razor, which I’m not sure should have you refrain from that criticism.

  14. Unless you want to pay that guy for what you aren’t comfortable with, you can find a new doc! You could even call ahead ask ask about their policy for staff, provider, and patients. In my office, I have everyone in a mask. If a patient doesn’t want to wear a mask, I can give them a recommendation for a chiro who has lower standards.

  15. You’ll need to check your state’s laws and likely still need to involve a lawyer. Some states expressly forbid non-licensed owners.

  16. The second a credit card company tells me who I can and can not support is the second I stop allowing that credit card as a payment option. That's me refusing to do business with them for a reason I chose, as is my right and they should have the same right. As I clearly stated, there are plenty of digital payment options if I need an immediate payment that isn't cash but I'm just fine taking checks or bank transfers on my phone.

  17. Except if Visa and Mastercard cut ties with you, you must concede that the vast majority of your non-cash options are also removed, at least of options most people use.

  18. SCOTUS will make whatever argument it needs to reach the conclusion they want, which in this case would be prohibition of pot. It's not unreasonable for a huge corporation to not want to risk the whims of 9 unelected assholes.

  19. They also are virtually unable to be held accountable for their actions. Only impeachment as an option for an individual. Congress could exclude an area of law from their purview, but never has done this at the SCOTUS level.

  20. Huh… and affluenza would kick in if a crime has jail time and you are modestly wealthy, you are ill equipped to spend time in jail.

  21. How do you figure? Damages are capped at $750k and I wouldn’t call the 4 million big.

  22. You have the ability to get past the cap in Texas, although that’s about all I know on the subject. I suspect that was part of the trial presentation and assessment here, but you raise a fair point. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

  23. Mind you… I hope this is one that breaks through that cap.

  24. Not judging, just saying that you can get a whole lot more if you want to without joining a FAANG. Don’t sell yourself short.

  25. He could less too, NI I believe is around 70k starting out.

  26. Might you have an example of very precise work involving a crane lifting a load similar to this that would suffice? Or, perhaps this is the most precise load of this size in this environment?

  27. It's a good conversation, but invariably as conversations stretch on stuff can get misinterpreted and if I misfire on a word or thought I wanted my intentions clear to give me benefit of doubt.

  28. Thanks for all that. I did want to point out from your second paragraph until your summary, you explained all those aspects without using subluxation.

  29. Coming up in post-grad I wasn't pandered to and my programs weren't just pay to play. If I used the S word it was immediate termination. Mostly because the word is charged, triggering, and people hear what they wish when they hear it. I never use it. However, I do have my reasons for wanting it retained.

  30. My theory would be that chiropractic is not placebo. But, of course I’m open to that possibility. If it is,

  31. It’s on the internet, it must be true!

  32. Just don’t rub Hercules’ beard against me!

  33. I posted it in there as well and a couple different forms. Yes it is salt water. I thought it was a bristle worm but it doesn’t look anything like it.

  34. I certainly could say from the picture, but I’d mostly just make sure it isn’t a bobbit worm. Though, they typically live in the sand bed

  35. Thanks for the input! And I guess I could always go with the 9" all latex and worst case use my topper or maybe even add something under the mattress like some HD Polyfoam or something.

  36. I largely support this idea. I a bit over 200, and we have a 13” and I’m confident I am not seeing a difference in the 4th layer. Though, you may benefit from an extra firm and firm and then soften it up. My only concern would just be how much shifting could happen with a topper and if they manufacturer has a really good way to minimize it!

  37. Yah, i think the broad application of the 1st Amendment is great, but I think really really need a Digital Bill of Rights that can encompass individuals with the most protections, entities with similar protections but the protection of an individual is more important (good luck with that, right?), governmental entities (largely in limitations on how they can “request” digital data (or data that was digital but is now printed or out in some other form of storage) but ESPECIALLY covering their data retention, redundancy, and cataloguing) and provisions regarding the data itself.

  38. I do admittedly think the text thing is going to be tricky, writing any law trying to govern technically-specific things is tricky to be fair, which is part of the reason laws like this are so vague.

  39. I largely imagine the Government needs to impose a specific protocol and application that is applied to all levels of governments for records retention.

  40. It is not about taking care of people in the U.S.

  41. You've just insulted those named groups, you realize, by asserting that only by virtue of the government that they would be OK.

  42. Wow, could you try and read a string a words worse? Tell me, what are orphans and foster kids going to do?

  43. Yes we do! The prevailing theory is that most galaxies have a supermassive black hole at their center. Scientists have been studying the black hole in our own Milky Way galaxy’s center for years now.

  44. Unrelated to what was asked, but perhaps you could answer it.

  45. If ftl was possible, wouldnt they have reached us before we literally knew, and wouldnt they outdo their own tech?

  46. I love these questions and ponderings… though, be clear most of my knowledge comes from the hundreds of hours on YouTube from various channels:-D

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