1. Just to clarify for others, not necessarily directed towards you:

  2. Goddess. Her story is so tragic.

  3. You mean the neckline is stereotypically R? Because the lines are by no means R. The line is a long straight rectangle - perfect for D.

  4. “Ne-doms are usually drawn to careers or interests that allow them to: be innovative and free to explore ideas; anticipate or catalyze new trends; find creative solutions to complex problems; help bring out people's potential.”

  5. Kibbe is about the whole picture, not breaking the body into parts. There’s no “single curve”. That’s just not how it works. I know Kibbe is represented as a body typing system so it’s natural to try to see who you match. However, your ID is based on your yin yang balance, which is why there’s such different body types in the same ID and people with the same body type in opposite IDs.

  6. Any ID can do the French girl look but it’s traditionally associated with gamines. Check out French New Wave Cinema.

  7. Her reported height is 5’2”, but tbh I don’t know how accurate that is. In several shots of her with Michael (her husband), even in heels she seems taller than that…but pics can be deceiving.

  8. Pink was originally for boys and blue was for girls until Superman in the early 20th century.

  9. I love her and I love SD for her. Longer curves, diva essence.

  10. I like SD for her too! Her body seems so elongated and curvy even at a low weight and SD fits with her face and casting. I really don't get all the Classic guesses. She looks nothing like any of the DC client's David has had and other than her height nothing about her seems moderate to me.

  11. Excellent post. I find this kind of content so interesting.

  12. Yes. Again, I have private thoughts about the casting choice which I didn't want to get into here (because I only wanted it to be about Kibbe) but yes you make a good point.

  13. Same…. * whispers * …I think her role and fashion on Big Bang Theory may be influencing the opinions a little bit…

  14. I’d wear a soft, shaped sweater or jacket or something that wraps. You could also do a tunic. I personally find tunics tricky.

  15. Just asking out of curiosity, what does a shaped sweater look like? I have a hard time imagining that other than actually this picture. Or is sweater the same as jumper because in my head sweater = sweatpant material.

  16. I have both actually. I have a jacket that’s sweatshirt material like this, maybe softer, but fitted. I’d personally call it a jacket.

  17. I’ve yet to see an article of clothing that works for everyone in an ID, and only for those of that ID.

  18. Im not saying FGs need to look like children (i’m a FG myself!) but they have a very dynamic energy and I think Pacino’s characters appear romantically tragic. This could just be love blinding me…

  19. Would you put him in Princes role Purple Rain, Orlando’s role in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise or even Johnny Drop’s role for that matter, Johnny’s role in Chocolate? Edward scissor hands?

  20. I would not put him in any of those roles because I respect him as an actor. And I’m think of him not as being equivalent to male TRs but rather female TRs. He has a magnetizing energy, he is characters are tantalizing and dangerous. This is the hill i’m dying on!!

  21. Haha ok. Fwiw the femme fatale in Kibbe is more old fashioned, not how people use the term femme fatale now. Now the idea is very yang D SD, FN, not yin at all. Jean Harlow and Viven Leigh didn’t look dangerous in the 2022 way. More like soft and delicate heart breakers. If your looking at the females- maybe he’d be like Lucy Lui or Natasha Kinski?

  22. His bones are actually more sharp than blunt(hard to tell in his clothing)- and he doesn’t have the traditional V shape in the torso of a natural.

  23. Oh FN can have sharp bones because they have D. And a V shaped torso isn’t from Kibbe.

  24. No I do find it helpful :) he loves Hugh Jackman so I’m sure when he gets home your comment will make him super happy!

  25. I think he’s soo long that it’s harder to see the width. Clint Eastwood and Dick VanDyke are both taller FNs too that don’t show the width you’d see in a shorter man. I do see width in him in the two photos that are farther away ie the two with you.

  26. Hi everyone! I've been trying to figure out my type for quite a while now and would appreciate your thoughts! I was 5 feet 6 1/2 inches the last time I checked, but I could very well be closer to 5'6 and 3/4 of an inch or so. Thank you so much! :)

  27. I think SD because vertical and curve, FN could also be an option vertical, width and curve.

  28. First off- great photos. So much easier to see the full body like this.

  29. Yes, yin yang balance is individual. SN is yang dominant with yin undercurrent and it can be a smaller undercurrent in some, larger in others. Where the yin and yang are in the body can also vary between SNs. SD works similarly.

  30. Not always. It depends on the individuals yin yang balance.

  31. I agree with this, but from a short person's perspective. I think one of the things where I kinda deviate from Kibbe's original ideas is the height requirements. I mentioned this in another thread hehe but after realising that the book was written in the 1980s for an American i.e. western audience, to me the book takes into consideration what's considered tall, average height and short in the US.

  32. But your ID doesn’t change when you go from one country to another.

  33. There’s a huge range in every ID since there’s only 10 IDs for all the female bodies in the world. That’s why it’s not a body typing system.

  34. 5’4” is average height, 5’3”-5’5” is moderate and could be any ID. As you get farther away from 5’4” it seems less likely to be an ID from the other side of the divide.

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