1. No they weren't. In neither world war is there any indication the Germans thought anything special about Canadians. They were just another kind of Tommies from another part of the Empire to the Germans. I've written at length about this on several occasions in askhistorians. The notions that Germans were particularly afraid of Canadians is just a part of the Canadians nation building mythos, usually found in combination with wildly exaggerating the importance of the battle of Vimy ridge.

  2. A mixture of Fiona Apple's body odor, cigarette butts, and Drakar Noir.

  3. Spousal abuse. It was open and shut, but the wife refused to testify. I was the jury foreman. He got off.

  4. as a stark democrat, it’s unfair to say all republicans are against democracy because a bunch of crazies attacked the capital. like my father is a working class republican who just believes that the republican’s methods are better for him and his family.

  5. See, I disagree. There are so many establishment GOP politicians who are repeating antidemocratic propaganda. Every Republican is to blame for their representation in government. It's waaay past "a few crazies". They're so certain their way is best that they're willing to do ANYTHING to win.

  6. Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Donald Trump, and I could go on but I'm not motivated.

  7. Because half the people in this country are gullible and stupid. The GOP has indoctrinated them into a belief system that goes against their best interests.

  8. I was given amphetamines at age 15 to help me lose weight. This was in the '70s. My parents had no clue what they were, just diet pills. I found out real quick.

  9. Why is it when one person posts about God hundreds of people afterwards do? People believe in God because ofFAITH. Pure and simply.

  10. Faith is religion's get-out-of-jail-free card. All reasonable arguments will be beaten to death with the club of Faith.

  11. I suspect she's referring to jobs for teens who still live at home, but who knows.

  12. It's the way it's used. It's constantly thrown around by men who hate women or are scared by them. Are you an angry incel? FYI the only people who use the term "triggered" are people that think it's stupid.

  13. So, what, liberals are technically not human? How convenient...cocks rifle.

  14. In some bushes under the open window of a class in session at my university. It was night time, but still.

  15. People who choose to believe lies rather than admit to their own stupidity.

  16. Porsche Boxster. It was a lot like driving a go kart, but way faster.

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