1. We are leaving bc of healthcare. If one of my daughters gets pregnant in college (or anytime really) and they don’t want or can’t afford a child - well too bad. Should have kept your legs closed or used the correct birth control. These republican states make it so damn terrible to live here. The cost of being a fucking human being is too damn high.

  2. I'd like to add my gripe to yours: do doctors actually tell women that antibiotics make birth control pills less effective or completely ineffective? I have 2 grandnieces because of antibiotics.

  3. Seriously, I think people underestimate the importance of locking up windows at night. I am so paranoid about this. Not blaming her family at all, I’m just saying that you never think some creep could crawl in your window and do something so heinous, but unfortunately, those sickos are out there.

  4. You can also buy window locks that only allow the window to open 1-2 inches and no further.

  5. I've never heard "Mollification Day" before, and I love it. I'm also the child of an emotionally abusive mother (physical too) and referred to her as my "incubator."

  6. The lady you spoke with told you how to cancel (disconnect) your service at the current address. You'll have to order new service once you're at the new address. Have you confirmed on the Spectrum website that their Internet service is available at your new address?

  7. I'd get a Gmail or Yahoo email address before I'd use Spectrum's email domain.

  8. Wasn’t Trump going to release his tax returns when he was done with that audit?

  9. Can someone explain this to me in non USA terms? I have no clue what that title means

  10. Here in the USA, we pay federal income tax yearly. Both individuals and corporations do.

  11. You are my hero. I love that you still stood right in front of her as you spoke on the phone.

  12. Probably. At the end of Harry's first year, he asked Dumbledore to let him stay the summer at Hogwarts, but no one threatened the Dursleys on his behalf then.

  13. The fabric is kind of boring; I'd go with something brighter, but then I own a red sofa. Look at premade slipcovers for it and I'd replace the bottom cushion with something thicker. Lovely wood.

  14. I'm seriously envious of that cabinet. Does the radio work?

  15. Well stated. Let other parents know about this via the high school website, the Facebook group for the high school and parents, and maybe Nextdoor for the neighborhood the HS is in. That's the limit of my social media knowledge.

  16. Interesting fact: the background noises in most films are stock sound footage that was recorded in California, so you're hearing California crickets and frogs. Stock audio is available to the movie industry the same as stock photos are to the advertising industry.

  17. Is the group you'll travel with all female or both male and female?

  18. I really like the white grout, but I also know it'd be a lot of work to keep it that white. Nice colors; I love the green tiles.

  19. I moved from one state to another, but even though I had disconnected my account in state #1, my email remained in their systems. The only way I could buy service in state#2 was to give them a different email address.

  20. Sister makes rolls and after the cooking time is complete turns off the oven and leaves them in there to stay warm. By stay warm I mean use the rolls to play wiffle ball later on in the evening.

  21. Does your sister know that the drawer beneath the oven is a warmer drawer?

  22. This isn't a "my computer is broken" call. This is a "I don't know how to use the program" call.

  23. Otherwise their boss doesn't know they inflated their skills.

  24. My guilty favorite is Regulus Black / Severus Snape. I like the irony of Sirius' brother falling for the guy Sirius hates and bullies.

  25. The 10-year old could have killed the younger ones. Two 10-year old boys killed a 2-year old in the UK in 1993.

  26. Agreed, but can we be nice to each other all the time? No need to curse at other drivers; take a breath and move on.

  27. I think some of this comes from Southwest. Herb Kelleher is famous for doing this kind of stuff. He works with crews in different cities every year on Christmas Day. That gets him a lot of good will. He doesn't just do baggage handling though. He kind of bounces around the country throughout the day doing different jobs.

  28. Herb passed away in 2019. I used to see him at the Northwest Point bar at lunchtime back in the early 90s. He was one of those bigger-than-life guys.

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