1. Not an excuse or defending Mahmoud in anyway, but I think he might have been embarrassed that she asked him that on camera. Because of the culture thing.

  2. Also not defending Mahmoud in any way, but I think she knew the answer and then asked on purpose knowing he’d blow up for the cameras. It’s like how kanye sucks, but admittedly Kim goes to extremes to press his buttons eliciting a blowup that will get her sympathetic PR when she needs attn off of something else/wants to be portrayed as the victim.

  3. Preach. Tlc took a turn around Covid where it stopped being about the storyline and started being about casting people like big pred /narcey Silva who don’t even qualify just because they’ll do anything outrageous enough to perform for ratings. It’s why nuttalie thinks she “eees big star of show” 🙄 bring back the old content tlc, and stop reheating the old McDonald’s fries that are Tarik, Jesse and Jennifer, Kim and userman, Mike jerkowitz etc 🙏🏽 and maybe just move pillow talk to 10pm right after the show or put immediately onto d+ because “seeking sister husbands” is just an excuse to ptfo on the couch and miss PT entirely 🫠I hate that they force ratings for the worst shows by sticking them into the 90 day slot when they know most people will leave the tv on and get some shit done for that hour in between

  4. Same here. I wouldn’t hate it as much if it were at all sincere. But they argue non-stop and can barely tolerate each other, then call one another “my love”. Phonies.

  5. There’s more expression in a “yes bubu” or “ok my angel” from Florian and that’s the biggest tell. Cause Florian no like to do thee emotion for the words.

  6. I had a look on their Home by THEM website a couple of days ago. Their standard candles are $38. They've got a big massive candle that's $250. But given the size of it, I'd expect to pay that much in a store.

  7. Bath and body works the 3 wicks start around $38 and normally go on sale at end of season. And it’s the only reason I tolerate the assault of emails from them daily haha

  8. And it’s such a nasty domino now that OF chicks think making a mere $60 a month off that site makes them also an influencer and celeb 😂 I had to leave insta I couldn’t handle the false flexing and grifting it gets really sad after a while 😞

  9. She’s Lexus’ mum . She’s the one who went “She’s 12 days old , Shayden” and was worried about becoming a 31 year old grandmother

  10. I had no idea who this was and then screamed OH when I read that quote. Ty for your service

  11. She doesn’t need to , she has 2 Master Degrees and she didn’t earn those to be an Indian wife ..🤦🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️

  12. I don’t think she realizes how many Indian wives are full blown docs nurses and pharmacists… let alone the ones in tech and software. Education is forced on them first, then the housework. 😂 all the most educated women I know are the same ones up at 6am to get that dough just perfect for the morning rotis.

  13. As a casualty I am not by any means endorsing this, but in Indian culture pinching is seen as affectionate!

  14. That is horrific. AOD sure that makes sense but the sanctimonious cuntery is a hard no.

  15. Sanctimonious cuntery 😂 I need to steal this description ☠️

  16. Still don’t understand why it has to be the car. There has to be another place for a better background. Seems skeezy

  17. I was seriously asking though, why the car? Your comment did made me laugh and I got the sarcasm, but the whole car thing for a background will never make sense to me. He does it a lot.

  18. I have no idea 😂 it’s like his hair, most of kodys choices I will never comprehend

  19. Always befuddles me when we as viewers seem to want our HWs on some sort of “acceptable behavior” moral high ground. Like guys, do you know what show you’re watching? 🤔

  20. Oh bless you! Thank you!!! This is my biggest issue with a lot of the tlc subs too! There’s a line, if it’s not being crossed then it’s entertainment and the leftists can go watch cnn and lemme have my snark time 😂

  21. We're in the day and age where pictures like what she posted costs a person their job. To an employer, the image with Quincy would not be viewed as endearing as Delaney thinks it is.

  22. I’m here for her never being able to work again to learn her lesson where can I sign 🙋🏽‍♀️ she’s a pig and Brandon’s mistake and it’s one thing she’s his headache for life it’s another that we have to now be subjected to this via extension

  23. Medical-grade fillers mostly do. But a lot of people have fallen victim to fraudulent doctors who inject god knows what into people, including cement and stuff used to fix tires. I believe Priscilla Presley said her injections were done by a fraud doc who used industrial-grade silicone.

  24. CEMENT?! jesus christ😭😭tomorrow i’m going down a rabbit hole and googling more filler horror stories

  25. Facts, you’re just missing the one variable that has already ruined half the faces out there and they got no idea: when and if it does “go away after time” y’all skin gonna sag like Angela deems. And that shit doesn’t bounce tf back. So you gotta keep pumping pudding into those ziploc bags or you will sag thru the floor no matter how old or which body part you’re fillin up.

  26. It's a shame we don't still have silent movies. She emotes like a pro!!

  27. Fr this could be in a museum. For what? Idk. But like those side o the hwy museums that are free if you buy something from the general store 😂

  28. I groan when they say that this is the first step to going international. Honey, please.

  29. Someone on the sub sleuthed out that he’s a paid actor, and a buddy they flew out from CT for the tlc appearance. The greatest plot twist of all time would be if the actual impossible kicks folk came forward and was like we have no affiliation with any of these people 😹

  30. That isn’t true. Johnnie Mac is the actual owner of Impossible Kicks. He is a longtime friend of the Silvas.

  31. He is the owner. We’re agreeing on that. You’re blasting replies without actually reading the thread. I said I stand corrected. Owner or not, longtime friend = favour, and no proof of anything being sold backs up a fake storyline. Just chill. It’s not that deep. But it’s def gonna be a rude awakening sometimes if you think this is all real stuff and that tlc are honest documentary directors and all the 90 day couples are completely all real time with no interference. A lot of the 90 day cast come into these threads post NDA and tell us exactly this. If you wanna believe the twins are showing you all real stuff then that’s for you to believe I guess idk

  32. She has to be lying to herself because they really can’t be stupid enough to think their kids won’t see these clips. I was actually going to post this last night when I saw the video on tiktok where it already had 100k likes, what makes her think north, mason or Penelope haven’t seen this yet?? I without a doubt think these kids are already seeing the old clips from the show and I’m curious if they’ve started asking questions.

  33. She will “burn them all to the fucking ground” tho. She’s in her eraser era where she’s trying to erase how she got famous and is delusional enough to think that she can alter that narrative. TMZ has allowed this delusion to grow by letting her constantly pick and choose her narrative, photos and what gets leaked about others a lot of the time too, and so she thinks it applies to literal human history 😂 it’s also why she disgraced Marilyn’s dress, so when people google her they’ll see her met shit before finding the sex tape 🤷🏽‍♀️

  34. He made this last night to shut us all up and didn’t have time to proofread 🤣

  35. I had a highschool ex who would copy my homework and this literally reminds me of the time we got in a fight after school and I said “do it yourself” this is how it came out 🙏🏽😂

  36. “As they explore parenthood, marriage, family, friendship, and reality tv”

  37. Unfortunately her aesthetic is self victimization 🤷🏽‍♀️ this is her entire life. I have a cousin who she reminds me of. Baby of the family. Tiny tiny blond and even now in her late 20s she is treated as if she is some fragile little baby 4 year old and she fuckin loves it it’s a quality shield 🤷🏽‍♀️really frustrating for the people who see thru it and can’t call it out, because everyone immediately jumps in to protect the fragile baby who cannot have known better. It’s a bit much 😅

  38. Potential breakup song has casually lived rent free in my iTunes library since it initially aired on the fam channel in Canada after school during commercial breaks after the one with the duffs that was ft in Cinderella story. Thank you for bringing me back to a simpler time, where my biggest life stressor was being out of blue bics and then having to do my homework in a pen color that didn’t match the other pages of homework my teacher wasn’t even reading 🙏🏽

  39. OP come clean the coffee off my kitchen floor that just sprayed out of my mouth 😹 too early in the day for this shit lmao

  40. Johnny Mac is a friend of theirs from CT so I think it was all just content for the show and free publicity for him.

  41. Oh, her mother is a homeopathic natural remedies charlatan. Like mother, like daughter. The Dr. Oz connection makes sense now. What a mess.

  42. It’s pronounced “proschewd.” As is, “I arranged the proschewd into lump over a tin foil base.”

  43. Is this the same as how they pronounce “mozzarella party” as “modzadel pahty”? 😹

  44. If you've never dealt with a true narcissist, I can see how some people can be fooled by her love bombing and tears. But yea, if you know, you know, and then you don't find any of this bullshit sweet.

  45. Lol thank you I got called rude and downvoted this morning for attempting to express exactly this. It’s harmful the way she takes the denial route and meanwhile she has a whole ass wasted opportunity to actually be a voice for body dysmorphia

  46. Someone responded to a comment with "I hope you have the opportunity to heal from what ails you."

  47. Anyone else think Lori prepped jax heavily before his slanderval tour to make sure to say “I have no leg to stand on” before going all in ?

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