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  1. Probably using the spinning wheel to make bowstring

  2. If you never did bossing, you should try sarachnis. Youll be able to get few kills on a run and its nice to learn prayer switches when you never did it. It was my opening to the world of bosses. If you too scared try kbd...

  3. The real number is 63.27% chance to have the desired drop.

  4. Taking x tries at something that has a 1 in x chance to occur gives a 63~64% chance for it to happen at least once for all larger numbers x.

  5. I agree with you. Why do i have so many downvotes?

  6. Why people have jug and sometimes drop them?

  7. Am one of the many dry on tangleroot. Am now 24m xp dry and still doing daily runs and nonestop seaweed. All this time for a pet that is not my favorite cause i allready have pets...

  8. There is a timer if you hold shift or ctrl or alt i dont know... Try some keys

  9. I had 99 fishing with no pet so i decided to go for it. I was doing karambwan until around 16m xp. I knew that they had a good drop rate. I acctualy got it fishing karambwanji wich is the little fish that is the bait for the karambwan. They have an horrible drop rate of 1/443000 worse than shrips. I was afk mobile, my phone was in my poket. When i looked up i saw the heron. I moved my character and it followed me. Was realy happy. Never fished again.

  10. My dumbass didn’t even realize I got it, thought someone else in the party got the drop

  11. I did the same. Got it at 213kc. I looked in chat, saw smolcano and i wrote: "show it" cause i didnt see the pet. Someone wrote: "its yours" then i shat in my pants

  12. I like the time that you put on this project but its too boosted.

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