1. Also you can take biotin that will speed up keratin growth hair unfortunately all over your body and nails.

  2. If you were tested in the afternoon your TSH will be higher first thing in the morning. Get tested within an hour of waking up in the morning.

  3. In my experience,I also do a lot of photography, the light is the most important. The intensity and the angle of it. But with the digital technology we can experiment until we get the effect we want 👍

  4. True true I started with a DSLR camera in the beginning so technology has come a long way but I paid the same amount for my phone these days as that dope ass camera. Lmao

  5. I am a dinosaur and still use my DSLR when I go out to take pictures, lol. I find it more pleasing to use than the phone, but for one handed Photography like you do, I understand that it's easier to use the phone. These days it's amazing what good pictures you can get out of the phone cameras that wasn't possible before. But I don't like all filter's and other automated stuff that is common today, that's the dinosaur in me talking again 😜

  6. Unfortunately I sold my DSLR camera ages ago when I was unemployed now I'm self employed and have more clients than I can handle I've actually started to turn people away.

  7. I do too if it's an easy to work with polish and these are a dream to work with.

  8. I was having panic attacks and mine was a combination of very low Ferritin (10 at the time) and my TSH still being on the high side and I'd started taking a higher dose. Someone on the sub said if your anemic and are taking levothyroxine it effects the way the medication is metabolized and can cause anxiety this was definitely true for me as my TSH recently went up from 1.66 to 2.93 when we were having those super cold weather -24 degrees I'm suspecting and my anxiety didn't return because my Ferritin level is now over 90 due to taking high dose iron pills for over 6 months. Point is find out what your Ferritin level is just to rule it out.

  9. You are totally not crazy I had muscle pain and stiffness with my hypothyroidism if my TSH gets over 2. In October my TSH had finally gotten to 1.66 and I felt amazing then the super cold weather came and my TSH went up to 2.93 blood test on December 30th and my muscles have been hurting again as well as higher resting heart hate and higher blood pressure during the working hours. I'm going to get my blood tested again this upcoming Friday to see if I need a dose increase.

  10. Thank you! I’ve had a feeling my levels are still crazy for ME, and she just tells me I’m in the normal range and my symptoms are unrelated every time I ask. I had no idea it could effect your heart rate as well. I’ve had heart flutters since I had my first child and that’s when my thyroid numbers started to climb. They even sent me to a cardiologist and couldn’t tell me anything. To think that I’ve spent the last 3.5 years feeling this way and being told I’m normal it’s just postpartum is absolutely mind blowing for me right now. I’ve complained about so many things I’m just now learning can be thyroid symptoms only to be told it’s what happens when you have kids. And then blown off. My anxiety and depression have never been worse. And I’m just fed more medicine and told my blood work is perfect.

  11. Ask to have a copy of your test results so you can determine for yourself.

  12. That's is the best velvet hippo I've ever seen. Congratulations Pablo.

  13. No glitter, holo powder, flakies, or shimmer just plain O'l pigment solid color.

  14. All my symptoms go away when my TSH is 1.5 or real close and my T4 is high normal.

  15. Those are some big ears on that teddy bear. Very lifelike eyes and pose

  16. They are and when she shakes her head they make a flapping sound it's so great.

  17. oh okay thank you! I think it could be wise just to take some of the important vitamins/minerals needed incase then!

  18. A normal dose won't fix vitamin deficiency and if you start high dose you could overdose and overdosing on iron especially is dangerous. You really have to know what your levels are to begin with and get tested again after the proper amount of time of taking the vitamin for your deficiency to know if you've brought your levels up to normal.

  19. ohhh no I didn’t think levothyroxine would fix any vitamin deficiencies! I was originally on 125mcg, but that was way too much for me on the first day so my doctor put me to 100 instead which I definitely think it’s still too much, but I’m guessing I’ll get used to it just needs time to settle🤷🏻‍♀️ I will definitely have my vitamins checked on my next blood tests

  20. Thanks for that recommendation turns out I am deficient in those things and have started taking them as well.

  21. That's very good. Thankfully taking supplements for vitamin deficiency you feel better in weeks rather than months like thyroid replacement medication does. Our younger sons vitamin D was 15 and with only 2 weeks of high dose vitamin D pills he's not a depressed zombie anymore. Me knowing more about things that make you feel lethargy I decided there was something wrong and got him tested. He's a young skinny health 21 year old made no sense he was so tired all the time.

  22. That’s good to hear that it helped him! I’ve started seeing a new doctor who is the one helping me now so hopefully things will start to improve. I am glad we live in a time where I can ask strangers all over the world for help and advice too

  23. Right! If it wasn't for this subreddit my last doctor would have messed me up further. I'm very great full for all the advice and insight of the people on in this group. Knowledge is the most important thing.

  24. T4 thyroid medication takes weeks like 6 to build up in your system the relief from symptoms is gradual and most of the time you don't even realize it's happening until months later when you feel better. If your wanting a thyroid medication that kicks in you need T3 meds that's the fast acting hormone.

  25. I had it tested last summer. It was 17 and the minimum was 13. No doctor told me about this until I looked just now on some recent tests. I am not a big meat eater either. So it's very possible. Thank you very much!

  26. 17 is too low to feel normal and by now you may actually be below the reference range. If your losing more blood than your body can replace which is probably the case you will need to take supplements I'm surprised they didn't have you start iron pills earlier. Big hugs I know how terrible this situation is. My doctor said my Ferritin level needs to be over 30 to get back to normal I was at 89 and stopped taking iron pills for a few months and it went back to 52 so I'll need to stay on top of it from now on. Once your Ferritin gets low enough diet cant fix it. But don't start taking pills until you know what your Ferritin is first. Good news is after only 4 days of high dose iron pills I felt way way more alive. Get tested ASAP!

  27. Thank you for the advice and your kindness!

  28. No worries hun hope you get feeling better very soon. And one more thing being anemic and taking thyroid replacement medication can cause anxiety my was hella bad before I got both problems fixed. Get your B12 and vitamin D tested as well because often they can be low if you have hypothyroidism. Our 21 year old son had been so lethargic, depressed acting, not sleeping well and having a hard time remembering things I got his vitamins tested and his vitamin D was 15 with the cut off being 30 so he's been taking 50,000 ui of D3 for the last 2 weeks and the improvement is incredible and he's a thin very healthy boy but just being vitamin deficient laid him out. Have a good weekend

  29. I did the women’s hormone test from Everlywell and my tsh is 1.4, and i know that’s supposed to be good, but i feel terrible.

  30. I think a lot of my symptoms was my Ferritin being so low it was 10! Being anemic can have a lot of the same symptoms as being hypo hair loss, lethargy, insomnia, heart hate problems, being short of breath and really bad bleeding during my periods. Oh and bad anxiety. I am hypo as well I'm taking 100mcg of levothyroxine. Hypothyroidism can cause vitamin deficiency.

  31. And our 21 year old son is so tired, lethargic and depressed acting I got his vitamins tested B12, D, and Ferritin and his vitamin D was 15 (the cut off is 30) I've had him taking high dose vitamin D for 2 weeks now and the change is crazy he's not a sad zombie anymore. It will take months for his D levels to be normal but he's already feeling soooo much better.

  32. Ask for a thyroid blood test then you'll know. Sometimes it's hard to know without a blood test.

  33. Some people can't handle or don't need the T3 in the natural thyroid meds and it just makes things worse. I was the same.

  34. If your absorption of the medication is better like if you are being more careful about not eating for an hour after taking your levo or other medications 4 hours after taking it or you did have gastro troubles and it's resolved that could be it.

  35. Shoot, I forgot I was doing that as well! I was doing a half-hour and then eating, then I switched to an hour before eating, so that may be part of it as well. Thanks for reminding me!

  36. No worries. I take my levo when I get up for a pee in the middle of the night like 3 or 4 am so it's been at least 4 hours before or after I've consumed anything maximum absorption. :)

  37. Switch to heme, its much better tolerated by the gut too and much better absorbed. You can calculate your safe dose based on body weight and what range you should be. Since you are in the USA you have easy access to many places.. Three Arrows, Iherb... Amazon... Costco...can your parents help you at all with this?

  38. I've been taking 365mg of ferrous sulfate and it's working my Ferritin was 10 and I got it up to 89 in 4 months but I have had problems with acid reflux so I was looking for an iron supplements that was like the one you mentioned. How do I calculate my dosage if I weight 150?

  39. 1.5-2mg/kg heme iron spaced 4 hours apart in the first half of the day, non-heme 2-5mg/kg. Here is a source :

  40. Thanks for the info. Strangely enough I'm one of those rare people that iron pills actually cause me to poop not diahera but I don't get constipation.

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