1. Had my coolant leak fixed and they jacked up my AC where now it only blows out of the top tent for the windshield.

  2. Claim it as a lemon. I wish I did with my volvo but I waited to long.

  3. What’s the time frame you’re given for claiming it as a lemon??

  4. I think it’s a year of purchase by the original owner.

  5. Bought vehicle and dealer had a front plate mount installed. My state doesn't require them so wanted to remove the mount entirely to have a clean front end. Curious what the best/cheapest way to fix the unsightly screw holes would be.

  6. Maybe a paint pen with the color of your car and just color it in? Or like poly fill and then paint over it with again a paint pen

  7. 2016 and 17 like mine have reliability issues mainly in the electronic systems. Mine is a rolling turd so I’d recommend 2018 or newer

  8. There’s a lot of hate out there for the 2016s. I know I would ask if all the software updates had been done, and if I got a blank stare, it goes down $3-4k for me.

  9. It's up to date as far I know. I still hook it up to wifi to update but as far as the 3G-4G upgrade it just became available at my local dealer and im not putting 815 dollars into it. Lol

  10. Yeah but now it can’t have any of the Volvo connected services.

  11. It can you just gotta pay Volvo to put the upgrade in if it's that big of a deal or you could do the after market upgrade for cheaper

  12. It's Jordan from brandit boys I think jordans twitter has the full video

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