1. Couldn’t see the butter from where I was because a 777-300 was pushing at the same time as it landing but I got a video of it parking at the gate. So big

  2. In Dallas they have their own team and gate with tug and cart. Those planes will also get water gun salute from the fire department too

  3. I was at DFW yesterday right around when they cancelled everything and the weather just didn't seem that bad. But then again I'm not laid to make these calls and likely don't know enough but from my untrained perspective the weather this morning was way worse.

  4. The ramp was closed for lightning for over 3.5-4 hours. It wasn’t even forecasted so they couldn’t preemptively cancel either

  5. Used to see them do touch and go all the time at night when working the ramp at DSM

  6. Their ramp is also not union idk about their pilots

  7. I don’t think we can publicly say (not sure as airlines are very protective of the random things). Ask your friend and they can easily find out for you

  8. Check the FA Facebook groups for crash pads if you are living out of base

  9. June schedule hasn’t been finalized yet

  10. Passenger specific weight has nothing to do with what happened

  11. Only on international do they pull bags

  12. OP is “hypothetically” traveling domestic

  13. I mean you can always ask nicely. The worse they can say is no you don’t get anything

  14. Print out an identical page and then replace the QR code link with a rickroll

  15. What?! At of the 18th, Mesa finally switched to ALPS. Not only do they not need a paper CLR (unless their ACARS is down) but you don't have to do a CLM entry in DECS.

  16. About time. I’ve been off so haven’t seen that yet

  17. Yeah, they were "testing" since like October. They've apparently got it figured out finally. It's funny, though, some of their pilots didn't even know ALPS was up and running. Had a couple still asking for the CLR last week.

  18. Well it’s mesa. That’s all that really needs to be said 😂 figured it be a while before they push it out

  19. In US airports, keep your 3 fl oz (100mL) bottles in a quart-size clear ziploc bag. You can have as many as you want that fit in that bag but you only get one of them. If you have a lot, they may inspect the contents, but if they look like normal options, they’ll usually glaze over it.

  20. In the US sunscreen is treated like medicine so it doesn’t matter size. I think it changed last year sometime

  21. AA is officially not enforcing the mask mandate on domestic flights although they will enforce it if local laws say they have to. Now it may take a day for flight attendants to get this notice.

  22. You can’t get a gate upgrade from economy to premium economy. Just from economy to business or business to first

  23. Some terminals have duty free it depends on which one you fly out of. You can always bring sealed alcohol on flights but remember you can’t consume any alcohol brought on board during the flight.

  24. In my eyes, if you go to the admirals club at least 10 different days, it covers the cost of only buying day passes. I think it’s worth it. Plus I would go with global entry as you get precheck as well with it and it’s covered under the credit they give you.

  25. I noticed that the airports and time to get global entry is a little bit more time consuming and tedious to go through so I wasn’t sure if it was worth it. I haven’t done much international travel in the past (other than to Canada via driving) so I didn’t know if there was enough value for the additional work it would be

  26. When I got precheck before I got the card and pre pandemic it’s took probably a month month and a half total. I applied for global entry probably a month ago and am waiting still. If you don’t plan on traveling internationally and have domestic trips soon I’d choose precheck to get it sooner

  27. I would call and ask for flight credit since you won’t be getting a refund (because it is basic economy). The worst that can happen is they say no. And remember that being nice will get you a long way.

  28. If your state doesn’t confiscate your old license, bring it WITH the temporary paperwork for your new one

  29. I told my DMV I was traveling soon and they let me keep my plastic with my paper

  30. MCI has an overhaul contract maintenance base. Could possibly be flight testing after MTX

  31. AA itself does not require a COVID test. But they follow what the arrival airport’s government restrictions.

  32. Second thread today on the toxicity of D0. Wish someone from management would actually listen.

  33. I know this is small potatoes. I just want to be clear that there was a flight to Miami cancelled Friday evening - well in advance of any storm system and done so without any explanation. One wholly avoidable cancellation exacerbated a (presumably) legitimate logistical problem downstream.

  34. Airlines will preemptively cancel flights ahead of big storms to keep crew and planes from being stranded

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