1. The figures above are accurate involving arrest but I can't find information regarding sentencing

  2. Sorry there were no numbers so I should say I'm assuming this statement is false then

  3. There were numbers in the attached source. Also, which country do you think has the most incarcerations for speech them?

  4. People can be overly nitpicky with trades. The star reviews on epack are such a mixed bag. I wouldn't sweat the reviews and like others have said try to join groups to make trades in larger quantity too

  5. Those Logic numbers still surprise me because I don't think No Pressure was an especially poppy album either and that sold 221k. Was it the retirement hype?

  6. A lot of it was the rule change around bundles. He used to have a lot of really cheap merch bundles with albums. Look at his pure sales

  7. Why? Pierre will win a CPC 4 year majority. He has the most memberships sold + inspires the disenfranchised Liberals + Conservatives are currently polling in majority territory.


  9. Well they recently became big Michelle Rempel fans and before that started taking a shine to Patrick Brown. It’s amazingly really.

  10. Yeah it was really quite the thing how quickly they turned an about face on these people they only recently vilified whenever possible. It’s almost like they have an agenda?

  11. Answer how they have became big fans. What in this interview points towards that?

  12. Lmao this is a new level of pathetic for Browns fans. It's absolutely not the NFL's job to warn teams that if you trade for a player with an unprecedented number of accusations, they could face an unprecedented punishment

  13. oh is that the program you wanted? And didn't you just recently give away the whole point of this discussion - ie your claim that only 11% of Canadians support an abortion ban which you then had to amend later. Why are we still talking.

  14. I can be hard to sell the teams nobody wants so this fills them up quicker I think

  15. Star reporting may get some doubt here so interested to see where this goes

  16. Character limit cut off the follow up tweet, just to be clear here it's in full

  17. Nah in the States they do not give a single fuck about what the hockey players do is my point 😅 football players only get this kind of attention when they kill someone or beat their girlfriends

  18. Nope can't say I have ever had any interest in basketball in my life and I live 15 minutes from the HOF

  19. At first I thought Cohen was smart but slimey in using the Apes. The more he tweets, the more I wonder if he legitimately just found his people

  20. we’re well past recession territory, this is Great Depression 2.0.

  21. The great depression was like 12 straight quarters of negative GDP. We are currently at 1

  22. The Nasdaq is now below where it was pre-pandemic, pre-stimulus when you factor in inflation.

  23. You are telling me a global pandemic that shuttered worldwide economies didn't actually lead to short term growth?

  24. Doge has been around for like a decade

  25. And for a large majority of that decade it traded under a cent

  26. Here is where the fight will be going with Elon getting access to the live API of tweets. The "5% bot" claim comes from monthly daily active users. Here's the thing, you don't have to tweet to be a daily active user. This is where the waters will get muddy with whatever findings Elon gets from the data. Twitter is obviously incentived to empathize this difference in Elons findings.

  27. I’m confused. Internal data is shared with two dozen paying customers but Parag mentioned the bot percentage

  28. The important distinction is mDAUs. The 5% number is for "active users" and the firehose Elon is getting access to will only allow you to see users who are tweeting. You don't have to tweet to be an active user! That is the bit twitter is relying on to make it impossible to get a different number

  29. Police care about saving their own lives, not yours

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