1. SOCIAL TIME WITH CO WORKERS?!?!? LMAOOO I would fucking kill myself in a work environment where they think hanging out with random assholes equates to a raise

  2. Yeah for real, imagine feeling cool because you’re making fun of someone getting beat up by someone twice their size. Dudes def an incel

  3. England - The men that guard the castle may shove you to the ground if you try to break in

  4. Are you working on behavior modification in conjunction with Prozac? Medication on its own is not a cure all, it is suppose to be used along with your behavior modification process to help make the process easier for you

  5. This. Yeah 98% of the time the dog doesn’t need meds and it’s training related. Not to sound like I’m blaming user error or something, I’m just saying you’re gonna have to keep chipping away at it for a while, which I see you’re doing and applaud you for. Just a reminder to exercise patience, I’m sure he’ll turn around and I bet he’s a really good boy and totally worth the effort

  6. What a lucky person, I wish I was dating someone who was a complete moron that was obsessed with me

  7. He’s gonna survive on the PB for a week then use the jar to cold soak beans, what a pro

  8. Was confronting homelessness and already had some stuff for the outdoors, figured I’ll fill a backpack with snacks and hike around for a while and figure life out. Ended up figuring out I’d rather be a bum and hike all day than get what anyone would consider a real job. Now I live in a RV that mostly works and when it’s not winter I show people around the mountains and make enough to get drunk most days and that’s where my economic line is drawn.

  9. Still the golden rule, true, but FKTs being silly is how I feel and I’m willing to die on this hill

  10. Not everyone is happy, loving life with a pet turkey. Some of us are bitter and turkeyless and forced to backpack around the wilderness for some turkey time. Let me pick obscure battles

  11. That gas engine buys you 500-1000# payload on a truck of that era so maybe not the worst way to go there. Also the diesels weren't exactly power houses.

  12. Ya know you’re not the first person to preach something like that, I’ve talked to a few old timers and now I really appreciate the gasser. I bought this as a combo and I’m starting to think there was some wisdom behind the pick. Loving life on the road.

  13. Oh my god. MSR>JB any day. If you’re smart enough to make this post you do not need a jet boil, def go the MSR option and join team pocket rocket like everyone else and save some weight, or snag a white gas stove and hit some elevation. Either way MSR is all around superior to jet boil products

  14. May I ask why this trail in the winter? I’m looking for off season hikes as well and am always down to throw on a few extra layers at night

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