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  1. Try Skylar. It is actually a perfume but it is one that aims at people who are allergic from scents or get migraines. (They have subscription program and u can try their scents). My husb got it for me bc I am obsessed with perfumes but he too was getting migraines. He got me Salt Air and since then I’ve added another 15 of their scents to my collection. It is my favorite bed time perfume too. Some nights, even my 8 yrs old son asks me to dab some so he can have “good dreams.” My TOP favorite are also Boardwalk/Cotton Candy one—I am obsessed with it. I also love Coconut Cove, Vanilla Orchid, Garden Party (Macaroon/Almond/marzipan), Golden Lotus. If u like sweeter scents, give Baordwalk Delight (hopefully they still have it) a try. You can buy travel size for about 30 bucks!

  2. I think it’s an incredible ring and the set suits your band beautifully. Very antique vibe in the best way. I think the center stone size is great. The norm on this sub seems to be a thin band and >1.5ct center stone but historically and globally that isn’t a norm. I love that the shank, stone, and band all seem balanced and get to shine.

  3. You look incredible and you and your husband are so obviously in love ☺️

  4. They’re beautiful and look great on you. I love the 5 stone flower-like pattern.

  5. I think the multiple intelligences are so interesting! I enjoy the theory and considering it. When I first learned of it, there were less categories! I think it’s awesome it’s been added to!!!

  6. This is so cool. She reminds me of Hindu goddess depictions as well. You should ask at

  7. He said the prequels were “objectively” better than the original trilogy too 💀

  8. Oh I love this! The contrast of the two fabrics is so satisfying. It’s whimsical but sturdy at the same time. A sense of enveloping. And the shoe match is spot on.

  9. What about a rotation with new work going up every 2 weeks in 1 spot while the others stay. The next week you (and/or your students) change out a different spot. Then it’s less work for you and the kids get longer art exposure for their pieces they worked hard on, but the hallway is still constantly being updated.

  10. Look on the inside of them. If they are a precious metal, they are very likely to be stamped. 925 SS indicates sterling silver, and gold will have a number followed by a k for karat: 9k, 10k, 14k, 18k, and 22k are common.

  11. I worked in a store with something like these. They’re meh. They’re hard if not impossible to operate for the elderly and people in wheelchairs. Anything big or soft gets stuck a lot. Sometimes there’s a lot of packaging behind the scenes. A bin with a scoop is cheaper, more accessible, easier to dump big bags or boxes into for refill, and less likely to break.

  12. I really hear you and I’m sorry you’re going through this. I got my degree in a soft science and fell into a depressive place after college. Similar to you, I struggled in school prior to college, felt successful and content in college, and felt like a lost burden after. It did get better. I took what I thought was just going to be a throwaway part-time job and ended up working there for years and moving into management. I met my spouse while working, found out I was good at leadership, then used my experience to shift into my degree field and then again into a field I like even better. There have been LOTS of bumps along the road and it hasn’t been easy but it’s been joyful and fulfilling and nothing like the nothingness of before. So hang in there. Don’t give up hope. Being underemployed can be a building block. There are lots of ways to get where you want to go.

  13. An open cuff ring could be perfect and help the center to not spin. What a gorgeous stone!

  14. Lots of debate on this but typically the idea is "probably not" just that at different times different instincts are going to be more important. We have all 3 and so we are gonna use all 3. When we are teenagers we tend to find a blossoming of our so and/or sx instincts. When you are just scraping by sp is gonna be slightly more important. But your dominant instinct is what you are going to try to turn to as often as possible and do so unconsciously.

  15. I understand that, that is the reason I'm asking for objective opinion here.

  16. Don’t even imply anything was wrong with a past workplace. That line about not thriving makes it sound like their business doesn’t do well at supporting workers in/just out of school.

  17. Oh look it’s my internal struggle. Core (6) vs wing plus fixes (729).

  18. Ooh I looooove it. Such a beautiful design. Looks lovely on your fingers too

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