1. It was the American sanctions that caused their real trouble. We’re supposed to blame Maduro, but they could fairly call it the US diet.

  2. This is so bad. It's worse than anything satirical you might see on something like The Simpsons or The Boys. How is this real life? How is this guy even a viable candidate? This guy has got to be a sociopath... Praying on TV and advising everyone to continue celebrating the 4th before the shooter is even caught and the victims have even left the hospital. This is a perfect encapsulation of Christian Nationalism. No actual empathy or regard for anyone.

  3. Yep they flat out don't give a fuck about gun crimes

  4. No, it employs much fewer people because those jobs are done overseas by people with fewer leagal protections and a weaker local economy so cost of production is way way lower.

  5. This is flat out wrong. US factory output has been ever rising in terms of value. Automation is the main reason for shredding factory jobs.

  6. According to my one-second google search natural gas is also used as ingredient in manufacturing fertilizer, antifreeze, plastics, pharmaceuticals, ammonia, methanol, butane, ethane, propane, acetic acid.

  7. That's why biden is in talks with the Saudi guy. If he can raise production we might get a break. Gas tax holidays/vouchers do nothing to solve the problem

  8. The problem is refining not production of crude

  9. The spidertron also bothers me, though it is less of a problem to me than requester chests. I just don't think these technologies really make the game "easier". They're pretty much just quality of life, you'll still have to set up the same extremely complex logistical networks and factories.

  10. Guy hates bots, he made bot attrition remember?

  11. The really bad thing about this outbreak? If it becomes endemic in animal reservoirs and human populations around the world; we will have an endemic disease very similar to Smallpox, a known biological weapon, circulating. No one will know there's been a smallpox attack until it's far too late.

  12. It's already endemic in animals decades ago. Thats why the virus keeps coming back. However science is still unsure which species the virus originated from, we do know dozens from rodents to monkeys can carry it and transmit to humans.

  13. They (billionaires) had control up till the early 1900s, then Teddy Roosevelt stopped them in their tracks. They tried again in the late 1920s early 1930s, but FDR stopped them and expanded protections to the common man leading to the greatest middle class wealth expansion in the history of the world. Since Reagan, the rich have been fighting for their power back and now with the SCOTUS as it is, they are almost complete. I fear there is no one to stop it this time. America will no longer be America as we know it by 2030...

  14. Wow, people are really letting this happen. OK.

  15. People let Nazi Germany happened. Why wouldn't it happen here?

  16. I'm going to make this statement now before I get into what I want to say: My opinion is not fact at all, but mostly my observations and broad guess work from reading a lot of work by doctors around the world currently.

  17. Probably a considerably worse version of Putin. These guys are highly traditionalist like Putin - to the point of probably going far beyond him (he is mostly just an oppurtunist from what it seems, just doing what the Russian orthodox church wants him to do in order to gain political brownie points). At least in Russia's case the government does not go after people of opposing ideologies unless they show themselves to be an actual threat to Putin's rule (a way for Putin to keep an illusion of democracy in Russia). I don't think the republicans will even leave that crumb of a luxury to the people given their highly zealous views. These republicans are also very deeply beholden to corporations in a way that Putin is not. Sure, Putin has his own oligarchs and very much supports them over the people - but he at least claims to be anti-establishment and has done certain left wing economic policies (infrastructure and social programs) to gain support with average people. This is mostly to show himself as being better than the ultracorrupt neoliberal rule of Yeltsin during the 90s. The Republicans do none of that, as their "hold yourselves by the bootstraps" mentality and their utter commitment to corporations makes them seemingly incapable of giving even the slightest tangible benefit to their people.

  18. One is anti-religion, the other is a white christian theocracy. The answer is quite obvious lol

  19. The SCOTUS should never have had this much power, it definitely shouldn't be the only method for progressive change.

  20. Technically Congress has the most power, they set the rules but they aren't doing their job lately.

  21. The real problem is not the United States or Europe. Africa, China, and India are developing areas that produce a massive amount of waste and emissions. It seems to be pollution Is a by product of developing economies (I think China doesn’t care).

  22. United States and Europe are the biggest contributor in cumulative emissions. But sure point fingers at others

  23. The first mods would be removing the companion limit so you can bring a full battalion wherever you go

  24. We never had credibility and 3/4 of of the world doesn't give a shit about "human rights" anyway.

  25. I think I’d rather get Covid than this shit.

  26. Yes. It’s spreading faster than covid. Let that sink in.

  27. definitely, as early testing are extremely poor just like early covid

  28. Why is to so hard for you see just tiny bit into a future. Imagine that war is done and Russia have won. What after that?!

  29. And yet its ok to let America invade whatever country it wants for the past 70 years

  30. So thoroughly brainwashed Americans still see "commies" everywhere

  31. Cell location data is routinely collected. You can purchase data that shows what phones go near a place. It was the whole basis of the “2000 mule” BS

  32. Curious why nobody mentions alphabet agencies...from snowden leaks we know they spy on every citizen, and if radicals win control of the federal government little moves like deleting apps will do absolutely nothing.

  33. He's a shill subtly saying bad things about the West but only the west. He won't respond to your facts.

  34. It's true basic goods like food or consumer electronics aren't sanctioned. But many companies nevertheless cut ties altogether because they are afraid of running afoul of complex sanction rules.

  35. Fossil fuels can be more-or-less converted between different states with minimal losses; in fact, modern coal plants will often gasify coal first in order to use combined-cycle turbines.

  36. Coal liquefaction can more or less replace oil and natural gas if needed, it's just less energy efficient and more polluting.

  37. Merkel retired just in time to avoid the mess :D

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