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  1. The problem with Giroud is that his pace absolutely turns off many fans. Also makes him look lazy, although I don't think he's lazy just slow.

  2. He was a delight for Chelsea, and even mentioned how much he enjoyed it there....

  3. Which is fine if they don't want to give up their first.

  4. It's absolutely fine, he shouldn't be chiming in on a trade related thread then

  5. So annoying, we came into the window knowing the defence would have to be our top priority. But instead we’ve binned off the lad we were looking at for over a year, lost out to the other guy we were looking at and spent the rest of it looking at stupid unnecessary transfers like Ronaldo and Neymar.

  6. For fucking real, and I am not even a huge Sterling fan but he can be class, no doubt.

  7. I don't think it has to be one or the other tbh.

  8. Canned chicken and meth share the same catch phrase.

  9. Yes, I'm definitely going to try this...draft isn't until 1st week in August (dumb, I know), but I want to try and at least get this pick settled in my mind

  10. Why do you think that is dumb? Too early? Too late?

  11. It's Dynasty...draft should be, like immediately. But about 8 of the 12 in the new league are new to Dynasty, so they want to hold off til August. I just hope they don't keep pushing it back any further.

  12. Fantastic question Hunter! Lets do some speculative math and find out!

  13. I played a few years back on an RTJ in Alabama, on hole 15 it was getting dark and a very nice gentleman asked if he could play the last 3 with me. We lightly exchanged conversation and played our way in. As we were dropping off the carts, one of the older workers said “Mr Heisman!” Turns out it was Bo Jackson prepping for a charity event the next day.

  14. As a football and/or baseball that’s a dream. Bo is probably the best athlete on the last 50 or so years and would probably be HoF in two sports was it not for his injury.

  15. Have to start at draft that is known to be a keeper moving forward.

  16. As a Canadian, no doubt I could do about 90% of it.

  17. If anything it's at maximum 3 years. I don't understand why everyone is jumping the gun on this one. This is not the same situation as 2019, we're not the same team as back then

  18. Yeah adding what you think is the final piece is a lot different than just acquiring talent. 100%.

  19. Lucky for me, I can get that pretty much anywhere, so I am used to it by now.

  20. If i drafted him and he gets hurt i would feel extremely stupid. So im staying away unless its ridiculous value.

  21. Ridiculous value to feeling extremely stupid comin right up

  22. Jaden is wearing a Gozzer shirt as well.

  23. On special nights, that tray is glossed in Columbian Whites.

  24. that's a "desk valet"? that's 100% meant for nose beers

  25. Just use your tablet like the rest of us.

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