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  1. Thanks for the responses yall. I've been using a shower hose on the trunk and meatier roots, saturating the soil as much as possible for about 30 minutes twice a week. The leaf loss is pretty heavy—heavy as in what I'd expect to see in the fall when temperatures drop. We bought this house in the early spring and our realtor actually thought the tree was dead as it had no leaves and looked barren, but it really came to life in May. Just hoping the previous winter freeze and this crazy heat didn't take too much of a toll on the tree.

  2. Harry’s Pizza in the Grove has half off pizza and beer for HH. It’s legit

  3. My lady and I always get three pies and a couple beers and come out under $35. Blows my mind that it’s always so quiet during happy hour, but I guess I let the cat out of the bag 🙃

  4. Thanks! Luckily I’m bald enough now that my hair cannot slick back REAL nice.

  5. I hate little bald boys. I CAN’T STAND little bald boys.

  6. He’s just trying not to embarrass himself in front of Caleb Went

  7. We can work as a team, find out whoever did this and punish him ourselves. Maybe take his bare butt out of his costume and spank him

  8. Where is the best place to monitor trade in availability? Any online drops? I’d love a trade in p220/226 but dont know where to look

  9. Can you post your plans or any instructions? Would love to build something similar! Looks amazing 👏

  10. Praying for a housing crash so I can finally afford a place

  11. Do you have a boatload of cash burning a hole in your pocket or do you plan on borrowing with high interest rates? How are you going to make payments when you are laid off? The wish for a crash so people can start buying is so misguided. There is not magically more housing supply… the only people that can take advantage are investors and the rich who can buy cash while the middle and lower classes are tightening their belts while they ride things out

  12. It's not either of those. It's loose credit and the fed. When you make it viable for people making <150k to buy homes for 600k+ instead of 400k, the 400k houses end up in the 6s.

  13. We just went through the home buying process and they were extremely strict about income requirements, debt to income, etc. After 2008, most lenders are pretty tight about who they loan to.

  14. State House Coffee seems like it wouldn’t be out of place in Austin today. I bet Humble was their bbq truck.

  15. I was going to say the same thing. Someone needs to recreate that sign and pop up a new hip coffee shop. I’d buy that merch

  16. Holy shit it has a $1,400 monthly HOA fee alone. For a 700sf 1/1 condo.

  17. San Diego is gonna end up just like Austin in a few years if it already hasn’t

  18. I grew up in SD, there's no chance I can ever move back unless I become a neurosurgeon pulling in 400k/yr plus. San Diego is far and away more expensive than Austin, not even close. San Diego is going through the same cultural clash as Austin; most natives are pushed out with no hope of ever returning, the small town surf-y vibe has been replaced by corporate Lululemon whitewash, etc. I still love it but its interesting seeing Austin ponder its own cultural identity in the same way.

  19. Butcher block is great! I used to work at a cafe that had butcher block counters. Just be sure to bleach/deep clean the counters fairly regularly as they can hold stains and bacteria more so than granite/marble.

  20. How would you deep clean a butcher block, and wouldn’t bleach ruin the color/tone of the wood afterwards?

  21. It was a food service area so I’m sure we did a lot more than we had to but it was just diluted bleach in a spray bottle. We’d scrub the counters thoroughly and over time they had a weathered look which I thought was nice. I’d probably just use diluted bleach or a vinegar solution after meat touches the surface directly

  22. Def has issues it’s over 80 yrs old but the positive outweighs the negative.

  23. It was a reference to your username, I Think You Should Leave sketch

  24. The city of flex can’t handle people with actual wealth coming to town? All these people dripping in Gucci and Golden Goose driving a 3 Series are mad their rents are going up?

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