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  1. Tbh, I assumed they slept standing up holding each other's tails. Not sure why it never crossed my mind that they lay down.

  2. I'd say it's totally different. Cake it easy is more of light indica leaning hybrid and super sour is sativa.

  3. Always a go to if I'm not sure what to get. Great pictures!

  4. My dispensary accepts the paper. But it has to be the physical paper not a picture of it.

  5. I bought some Samoas and I folded the boveda pack in half like a starched shirt.

  6. Grapehead is a nice sativa. It does have similarities to Black Jack and even Super Lemon Haze. Nice, energizing, daytime strain. Nice pictures too.

  7. Franco's Lemon Cheese by Columbia Care is a good hybrid. It's more like a lemon-cheesy taste but great.

  8. Grapehead by Woodward, Super Lemon Haze and Black Jack by Butterfly Effect. They work best for me. Schromulan by Willie's Reserve works really well for my husband.

  9. I have a screw on battery, similar to the Ooze ones, and it worked fine on it.

  10. Schromulan by Willie's Reserve. I don't like it due to the high pinene but my husband loves it.

  11. AK-47 supposed to be a great strain for pain. Has anyone experienced this with BFE OH-47 version? Thanks!

  12. I really enjoyed both the flower and luster pod of OH47. A very straight forward sativa, without the jitters that I usually experience. Uplifting and switched my pain with energy and it was great.

  13. Never had J Mag but I’ve had Mag. Not sure what the difference is.

  14. The Botanist have 5:1 cbd/thc. 25mg of CBD and 5mg of THC. My tolerance is a bit high, so I don't feel any psychoactive, but I feel the pain relief from them.

  15. Yeah Superflux is The Botanist premium line and then the Botanist has their own line.

  16. My 9 year old loves spam fried rice. The salt content of the spam makes it the perfect combo Yours looks delicious.

  17. David and Dan did a great job for season 8 Game of Thrones.

  18. Had some Meigs county Animal Mintz 14g and was blown away. Thought same thing as the earlier posts, the first few harvest were crap, they sucked me back in!!

  19. Animal Mints was smooth as ice but a fire strain. Fire and ice.

  20. I didn't enjoy their last drop of Strawberries and Cream. Smell was great and it was pretty, but effect wise, not for me. I tried their Animal Mints and was definitely surprised at how smooth it was, no cough really, and the effects were more than mild but not super heavy.

  21. From what I've found on Google, there aren't many strains with it as a main terpene, but it can be found in Haze strains and Kush strains. OG Kush was listed as one. Grow Ohio has an OG Kush luster pod and it was pretty great.

  22. I was wondering about these. The Cleveland location has them as well. I love Grow Ohio pods but I'm wanting to try something different.

  23. What size is that container? I've gotten a couple galenas before but always in bags.

  24. 5.6g. The artifact line is different in that they are hand trimmed colas and always come in these containers.

  25. My dispensary only had the 2.83. I tried this,, laser sword space monk and lilac diesel. EPBC is now my top. I've never smelled a smell like this strain before and the effects were A+.

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