1. How do you end multiplayer? I was trying to quit to the title screen when playing with another person and couldn’t. Didn’t see any options for dismissing them either.

  2. I figured asteroids and aliens were a good comparison, as they pose about the same threat as a hijacking or plane attack, and the effect the TSA has on them is about the same as it has on terrorist attacks. There's no evidence that TSA's policies and procedures do anything but cause stress for travelers, or that they would do anything to prevent an attack from a determined party, given how trivial it is for anyone intent on bypassing the security measures to do so (don't forget that between

  3. Pose the same threat? I’m not trying to be rude but you do not know what you are taking about. Were you around after 9/11 and those people tried to bring liquid explosives on the plane, causing use to screen liquids more thoroughly? How about when the guy had the bomb in his shoes, now you have to take shoes off? Oh and the guy who had the bomb in his underwear of all places, which is why the body scanners were added. See everyday people aren’t aware of these things. Terrorists HAVE tried after 9/11 and we have stopped them and implemented new security measures to combat new threats. If anyone is angry about little things like taking off belts and shoes and laptops, blame the people who put explosive devices in said items, not the ones who are trying to keep you safe. TSA is a thankless job, which is why I appreciate every single passenger who tells me “thank you for what you do.” It’s usually veterans and cops who understand what it’s like to provide a service and being lumped in with all the bad workers who take advantage of their power. I know I’m not gonna convince you, but I said my peace and I guess I’ll leave it at that.

  4. I was in high school when 9/11 happened, so I can remember what life was like both before and after.

  5. Well I’m glad you actually have some facts and aren’t someone who just talks out their ass. The only thing I have left to dispute that I can back up with my own personal knowledge from being on the job is, none of our scanners are intrusive. Most people think the body scanner is and X-ray and yeah, it used to be. Nowadays it doesn’t even penetrate the skin, it’s purpose is to see if there are any hidden items under clothing. Also, there is no racial profiling at TSA. Anyone can be a terrorist, regardless of race.

  6. I would like a code if any are available. I signed up but I think it was t00 late. My PSN is RowenStrata.

  7. Hey everyone! This is a link the the 2nd video in my Dark Souls III series. Please check it out and let me know what you think. I am open to criticism and suggestions!

  8. So basically I am an arsehole for not researching more lol. I'm jus excited to build my own airship one day.

  9. Born in KY, but my parents shortly divorced and my mom got custody and chased a guy to FL. Raised in Florida, but got the hell out and moved back around family as soon as I could. Then found myself a lovely baby's momma and got a house together right across the river from Louisville :P

  10. Lmao. I lived in KY until I was 19, then moved to Chicago. Actually waiting on a flight to go to Louisville to visit family right now.

  11. I also have always heard it as "Calling in" and "Taking off" work. Lived in FL, KY, and now IN.

  12. Why would someone move from Florida to Kentucky? Lmao Kentucky born and raised :/

  13. It's not too late to play through it. It's available on iOS/Android, Playstation Network, Game Boy Advance, and SNES emulators. Easily one of the best Final Fantasy games ever made, probably one of my top 3 RPGs I've ever played (along with Chrono Trigger and Suikoden 1).

  14. God, don't we all. Suikoden 2 is heavily rumoured to be coming to the PSN though so if we all critically hit it, the devs may take note make a new installment.

  15. Fans been trying to get 2 for yrs...and man ps4 is nice but lack of classic games sux

  16. My free company is called Unsung Heroes...does that count? >=D

  17. Beat Ultima HM for 1st time, 1st try too. I wasn't perfect with the swap tanking however. If Glaiv is out there sorry lol.

  18. I completely forgot about that god...what was it called again?

  19. The only people who say newfags are newfags.

  20. I've never even heard of kids with your TL/DRs and OT and all the jibber jabber.

  21. I bought the PS3 version for novelty even though I own a great gaming PC, it's almost unplayable.. I feel really bad for the PS3 players.

  22. I know that PC is naturally better graphically and performance wise, but seriously, exaggerate much? Almost unplayable? I'm not trying to start a "Which is better debate" because obviously PC is, but I still have no problem playing on my ps3.

  23. Honestly yeah, it felt pretty sluggish. Sounds were out of sync, for gathering, etc. There was a lot of loading waiting for NPCs to load after returning from a completed levequest. A lot of time at <20 FPS, 720p only. Really, just awful.

  24. Well I have experienced the sound lag on gathering as well so I can't discredit ya there. If I had a PC I'm sure I'd be playin' on there too, so I'll withdraw lol

  25. My lady won as well! :) I was worried when I saw rhe the red flashing moogle mail on her screen lol

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