1. Ive pulled them off when they’re this small, i just soak mine for an hour once a week and give them a little shake after and a little fertilizer every couple months

  2. Thanks! Helpful to hear the success stories!

  3. Yes. Pull it so rotting doesn't get it. Then mist it every other day or so if in good light. Good luck

  4. Hadn’t considered that—makes sense!! Great advice! I left her attached out of fear. Time for her to fly

  5. The lateral bud is already sprouting to replace the rotted/lost crown. Other than trimming away any remaining old/dead/rotting petiole tissue, I wouldn’t do much else. Your plant already has things under control. 🌱

  6. I got caught up in…life and I never responded to this comment. But I just wanted to let you know it was very helpful and my alocasia has continued to recover! Stopping there and letting her do the work was the advice I needed! Thank you 🌱

  7. These photos were tricky, sorry! In the affected stem I have attempted to remove/scrape off the rotted section of her crown (is that acceptable terminology?) If I try to help keep moisture in this area down will she be able to put out any new growth, or is she likely a goner?

  8. Looks like an Assassin Bug nymph; I think he might be

  9. Thank you for this!! I did some reading and am glad to have this fellow in my greenhouse! Sounds like he may even eat aphids on occasion.

  10. Additional details: I live in the Midwest, USA. This is the very first spotting of this little guy on one of my alocasia plants, which resides solely in an indoor greenhouse cabinet, though it is newer (1 -2 months). He is being very still, not even moving when I opened the cabinet door. He is smaller than a dime.

  11. I'll throw onto the pile. While yes the fact that it's been mismanaged is a huge part, the fact that it's a place you drive to and walking around it is less pleasant than it should be is also a factor. 47th should be closed to cars entirely, there's tons of shops all along it but if you want to go to a shop on the other side of the street, good fucking luck. Also I agree parking lots are super low value uses of land. The plaza needs to become a destination, where you can hang out and chill, walk down and check out the shops, catch a movie, etc. It's a place to be, not yet another stop on the endless suburban road trip

  12. Agree with this take. Trying to dart across the road—especially if you have anyone to look out for besides yourself—is such a buzzkill. Especially since most drivers these days would rather die than wait another three seconds to keep driving their car to their very unimportant destination. I would love a pedestrian only space to make the setting relaxing and comfortable enjoyment. Nobody hangs out there because there’s virtually nowhere to hang out.

  13. This needs to be voted on, how hard would it be to get a ballot measure to ban cars from the plaza? Or just start small and ban them from certain parts and expand from there

  14. Mind you I’m but a rando plant fanatic, so I have no doubt that there are better methods to overwinter your plants. This method works for me because otherwise I’d obsess over the grow system at first and then abandon it halfway thru the winter. Know thyself lol. The heads don’t seem to etiolate because they’re forced into a state of dormancy. The ends callus over and little air roots pop out over time, and the leaves can get a little parched-looking, but then I pop ‘em back in the pots & water well after the last freeze. And if they do stretch, then I just take the leaves off the bottom to prop later, and replant the compact top half.

  15. 🙌 I accidentally discovered this method thanks to my too busy brain when I chopped a kalanchoe and tossed all the bits into a box that I inadvertently did not revisit for about 3-4 months! Hadn’t braved it with any other varieties yet, but I think now I just might!

  16. That is exactly how I figured it out, too! Though incidentally the only ones I had no luck with were my paddle plants. I’ll try again this year. You can get all science-y, too, by trying a few in a dark warm spot, others in a dark cool spot, etc.

  17. You must have known I was a science gal?! I’m reassured by your experiences. Going big this year!

  18. Your plants both look super dry to me. The first one is limp, the second has burnt leaf tips and severe channeling. Give them a good soak and see if they stiffen/open up some! After all if they’re rotted they’re already dead :P Just make sure they dry quickly and well (completely dry within about 4 hours) - shake, leave upside down in indirect light, maybe with some air movement. Also pull any completely crispy brown leaves, don’t want extra crevices for water to stay in.

  19. Appreciate the assessment and advice! I think I continue to be surprised at how much water air plants really need/prefer. Will try to improve upon watering!

  20. You are right about the bases. They don’t feel particularly squishy. Mostly browning in color. My largest one even appears to have some green under the brownish coloration at the base. I may make a move to misting in lieu of dunking and see how things go! Dare I have hope?!

  21. I'm literally building a new white milsbo cabinet as we speak and it looks so similar to yours. I think it looks great! I would pack more of your plants inside of it to fill in some gaps and cover spots that aren't "seamless." I am also using wall hanging self watering pots on my wire grid panels. You'd be surprised how much better the cabinets look when the walls and shelves are filled. It becomes a scene from a jungle then, vs a cabinet. Hope that makes sense 😀😄 so excited for you! Good luck!

  22. I echo your sentiment about filling in gaps and using the walls and shelves. Can you tell me more about these all hangin self watering pots?

  23. Totally! I got them off Amazon. They are small pots with net cups and flat backs with hangers for doing self watering substrate on walls. Pretty sure the small ones come in pack of 7 for $20 and the next size up is 5 for $20. Just basic white hanging self watering planters. Work great in ikea cabinets and I prefer them to the small shelves like most people use.

  24. Thank for the info! I love this idea. I currently have a metal grid, with some small rectangular hanging baskets. They’re cute and work for small pots. I’m about to build out my second Milsbo though and have been thinking, if only I could find some pots that hang directly…Serendipity!

  25. Soil is 3 parts miracle grow potting mix, 1 part perlite, 1 part orchid bark.

  26. Following, because my black velvet has curling leaves like this too. Also unsure why. I use a moisture meter to water and she also recently bloomed and has three corms visible. Hoping we can both learn!

  27. Do the bottom leaves just die off as they mature/grow? They are related to elephant ears (Colocasia) my mom grows them and they only have 2-4 leaves at a time. The bottom ones die off and yellow as the top ones form.

  28. I haven’t had much leaf die off with my black velvet, the four leaves she has just all seemed to start curling like this, and a couple are more droopy looking. I did let her get a little too dry once, do you think that sort of insult can have these kinds of effects even a month or more later?

  29. Its a corm, but you really need to leave them attached to the plant to let them get bigger. It will probably still be viable at this size though

  30. Appreciate your feedback! I left the attached corm to grow bigger. I have the one in my hand nestled elsewhere to prop. Does feel pretty tiny after getting it all cleaned up. We’ll see

  31. My alocasia Black Velvet has produced some corms that look like what I expected from my reading. But there is also this corm-shaped but pink/green guy growing on a much longer differently textured stalk. Is that also a corm? Or something else? What should I do with it?

  32. Interesting post, because I feel like I have casually noted or mentally remarked from time to time lately that no KC date is scheduled for X tour. I also didn’t realize that the Crossroad—>Grinders transition meant the promoters were no longer involved. I was there for the National show last month and otherwise kind of dug the VIP changes. I tend to catch a lot of mid-sized bands at Starlight, Uptown, Midland and I feel like most of those are still coming through. It’s been hard to know how much change is still pandemic related. Sounds like issues run much deeper than that.

  33. Not KC proper, but my kid got a white one in OP today

  34. Let’s say I wanted to add sphagnum moss (because I have on hand). Is there any prep for this? Or just add to section of the habitat as is? Do they tend to eat this?

  35. If you've got a free afternoon, it's pretty easy to make. BTW I grew up in the Detroit area, so I'm very familiar with it. We didn't know it was 'Detroit Pizza', we just thought it was pizza.

  36. Ha love this. I grew up just across the border, and yes, same. Singing all the praises now that people know what’s up tho

  37. Looks really cool! Don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these before! Echeveria-like leaves but grows like a Burro’s Tail? I’m not sure I have great tips for support…I’d maybe try to nestle it near some decorative supports, like a stack of books to provide a flat sturdy resting surface? A small statuette that could provide the same value? I’m a succulent noob so I’m sure I’m likely to hear about all the reasons that’s a bad idea, but just, you know, brainstorming. She’s beautiful!

  38. Quality is subjective and not synonymous with retail value. People really need to stop focusing on that. We are paying less than $10 an item… less when you factor in shipping so people really need to adjust their expectations accordingly. Occasional expired products is going to happen in this business. If you want a guarantee you will never get one (that fff reimburses you for anyway) then buy at retail.

  39. I’ve never associated the retail value with quality. It’s optics. Similar principle to how Joann’s Fabrics can offer incredible 80% deals. The retail prices were inflated to begin with. I mean actual objectively measures of quality like the product was actually manufactured years ago or this is coming unstitched/is see through/is falling apart/or quit working after a single use. Sensory perceptions like feel and smell, etc… are subjective.

  40. You just said everything I feel!!! This Reddit page can be such a downer most of the time. I joined for the spoilers & occasional reviews of items I’m considering so that’s why I stay on it. I also don’t get people outraged over small price hikes either. Literally every item in the US has gone up in price. Why are we acting like F3 has started world war 3 on our wallets?

  41. I would pay more for better or even equivalent quality items. But I don’t want to pay more for expired or lower quality items.

  42. Like KC culinary famous I’d say, yeah

  43. They plan to open in a small restaurant space in midtown’s Hyde Park area in March or April. They will pick one of three spots offered by a local property owner — a big fan of Justus Drugstore.

  44. Thanks! They are great for smaller plants that I want to make sure get attention.

  45. Cute and functional! Are those ring lights on the top of each one something I could find by searching for plant lights?

  46. Sorry I’m no help, because I’m trying to figure this out too! So glad you asked tho!

  47. I can add that my stylist recently recommended a TechniArt mousse for root lifting. I haven’t tried it out yet though, so not quite able to review fairly yet

  48. This picture makes me question how many of my plants have thrips and I don’t even know it 🙈 Your experience sounds really frustrating, I’m sorry to hear it.

  49. I’ve done so much hard work and I’ve stayed on top of them. They haven’t killed any plants in a long time. I just can’t get rid of them and the treatment is getting exhausting and hard to manage. As much as I love this plant, it may be worth it to start over.

  50. Sounds completely exasperating to say the least, and gives a lot of context to the reactions to thrips I’ve seen around here! My first (and only, so far—-though this seems naive) situation was so bad I had to trash my m. adansonaii. It’s sad when challenges grow so big they drain the joy out of something you love. I think it is totally ok to decide you need to reset and recharge. And maybe you’ll have good luck with a prop! 🍀

  51. I have some black velvet corms I am thinking about propping. Just started researching. I have never done anything semihydro—in the first photo is that just perlite and water? Your collection looks great!

  52. Find a local genetic counselor to discuss this finding at

  53. Agree regarding the clinical utility of these results and the high likelihood of miscall. But I think it’s important for people to know that while family history of FAP-related cancers would be most common, the ~20% of APC pathogenic variants that are de novo means absence of family history should not discourage someone from following up

  54. I know I am in the minority but I am happy w my sub and love the sales! I’m a year in and will be renewing 😅 I look forward to it and luckily haven’t had any shipping or billing issues 🙌

  55. Great to hear! Love it as long as you love it! No judgement here, just personal catharsis ☺️ Happy subbing!

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