2. Bigger highlights, a full color or a sombre would be better in my view. I think the type of highlights make the hair too whispy. It is supposed to be full and luscious

  3. It is important to note that waist emphasis is not recommended. A narrow silhouette works well for SD type and I think that is what makes it work better for you :)

  4. In my opinion the first one does not seem to accommodate curve - especially if you are bigger chested. Maybe with a long angular blazer over to give the outfit a T shape

  5. Open neckline, waist emphasis, slim hem (no princess style), not too small lace patterns or details, some kind of draping can look good, not very geometric.. but there are a lot of options that can look perfect on SD!

  6. Waist emphasis is not recommended. T shape is much better! Otherwise I definitely agree

  7. This aesthetic is so hard to fit into SD recs since the materials are not the best for our bodies and the length and cuts are also a bit short and wide which usually doesn’t suit vertical and curve. But tried to find something that would work for us. What do you guys think?

  8. I have the dress, 2nd on the bottom line, in black and can confirm it looks amazing on! I have a short torso and long legs so when I’ve worn it with black tights it looks even better! Xx

  9. I think a lot of these would work because they have a very strong T shape, especially with the very big and poofy sleeves. I love these!

  10. Exactly! The Tshape makes the dresses so easier to wear and balances our vertical very well!

  11. A very particular job, affordable but good driving car, perfect gpa to get into my preferred education, inexpensive luxury student apartment, boyfriend, a chair I really loved but couldn’t afford standing with the trash outside my therapist’s building in perfect condition. Aaand tbh social status in middle school which sound sooo cringe.. but would lay in bed for an hour a day during the summer of 7th grade envisioning the friend group and style I wanted, which looking back came into my life exactly how I wanted back then..

  12. Maybe SD? How tall are you? You seem to have vertical and curve

  13. I have a trouble with belts like these. Waist emphasis looks so bad on me

  14. Looks like she accommodates curve, but can't tell on vertical. Personally, I see moderate height, but not definite vertical and (from this perspective), I see some upper body width, so my vote is soft natural (but if I saw her in person or standing, I might see something else). Who is this?

  15. A judge from a big current case. She seems very tall standing up

  16. He looks the best with slightly tousled hair in a more relaxed fit. I think he is too rounded and small to be FN but looks good in natural looks.

  17. I see curve and vertical which equals Soft Dramatic. I think it i very obvious. I do not see FN. She might be frame dominant but she does not have enough width for a FN - and also her curve is clearly a big part of her silhouette.

  18. Never understood how anybody could see SC lines in Dakota. Obvious FN or DC

  19. Beautiful! The big water color print is one of Kibbe’s recs for SD

  20. The bones do not lie. Natural family and an obvious SN. Especially looking at pictures pre surgery before 2008

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