1. You sold nine books! That is damn fine for a quarter as an indie. Be proud of that! Over my lifetime and three books done I think I might be able to claim that number too.

  2. Stop voting for twats. Morons. Not even gonna sugar coat that.

  3. Stupid people vote for the GQP so yeah destroying our already pathetic education system will help them, if not our actual freaking country...

  4. Very nice for RP realms! And for us lore needs too

  5. Oooo! Do Grateful Offering next! Main has so many and my alts have nothing--- don't want to do SL content for the xmogs I am missing...

  6. Extended vendor ui -- makes the vendor panel bigger so you don't have to go thru multiple pages of stuff.

  7. My doctor recommends a procedure. Insurance can deny it. That is a fookin' racket. The first question out of anyone's mouth is what's your insurance--- the money is more important than your health here. It is disgusting!

  8. They know you're gonna drop early so they want you to keep paying them $$ for as long as possible

  9. Somebody better be linking the bad subtitles version!!!

  10. Is she gonna teach the kid to share and to listen to stories, to get along with other children and be polite? Then hell yeah fantastic.

  11. Weird, if you're dude is human. They use humans to model all the armor hence why it often sucks on other races. I could write an 800 page essay on the poorly sitting armor...

  12. Y'all think she's going to be wearing a bikini two times too small and jeans cut to her hoo-ha? Lol no

  13. Usopp's cowardice and yelling and all the faces he makes definitely is number one. Zoro is close behind for being directionally challenged.

  14. I do enjoy their survivability. Toss hots and let em be. Spam that wrath, hell yeah look at me go.

  15. As a druid tank... I feel your pain. No wait, that's my pain! Omg why does everything hurt??? No worries I'll just tank the floor gl gl

  16. Tehol and Bugg for Malazan, for sure. But shout-out to Quick Ben and Kalam, as well as Cotillion and Shadowthrone.

  17. Imagine being paralyzed and you have to work. Like wtf?

  18. Working brings normality to their lives. Everyone works. Plus they get to socialize and do something other than lie in bed all day

  19. We have enough lunatics here at the moment thanks. We're all full up. Feel free to take a few of em off our hands though..

  20. GQP is going to flip their shit. They want to force religion on kids as much as they are okay with pedos...

  21. Teen. Teen!! You are throwing a child in jail??? Frankly I'm surprised they don't just "recruit" her into the military and throw her into combat with the rest of the ones that don't want/shouldn't be there..

  22. Oh i love this. The elseworlds comics are so fun, too!

  23. Maybe there was a cougar near and she figured she’d take her chance with the human?

  24. That's what I was thinking. She looked awfully interested in something to the left we couldn't see.

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