1. I think you could be some sort of natural. I still miss pure N because I think it's actually one of the pure types that is useful. But I guess SN or FN could work for you.

  2. Who is expecting women to “bend their style until it breaks to please Kibbe”?

  3. I totally agree with you. It bothered me that they claimed that you have to change your aesthetics, which is absolutely untrue. Any ID can wear any aesthetic, they just accomplish it differently. That shows that they probably got a lot of their knowledge from misinformation that spreaded on social media, especially tik tok and youtube.

  4. Everything is going down astronomically, I have so many plant regrets. I’m not buying anymore “fancy” hard to get plants unless they’re from the store for a decent price

  5. If a plant is rare but wanted they work on developing methods to make for easier and cheaper propagation. So it really just is a matter of time.

  6. albos and other variegated plants are pretty dang difficult to reliably TC. iirc its because they are chimeric, which means its different genetic cell lines all in one plant. its why the plants can revert, the healthier full chlorophyll genes are almost always stronger than the ones lacking chlorophyll.

  7. Totally true. But TCs are a relatively young method so I wouldn't be surprised if they improved. It's probably gonna take some time but I'm positive.

  8. I can really picture you with a pixie! I'll never get the "pixie only for round faces" sentiment. There is a pixie for every face shape.

  9. If the recommendations do not work, than that type is most likely not yours. :)

  10. Interesting! I thought for sure this was pet damage. These are mildly toxic so I would make sure nothing is eating it. Other than the missing bits, it looks great.

  11. It definitely is. OP has dogs and didn't bother to mention. I don't get why you wouldn't mention dogs when asked about pets/cats. Especially when the plant is toxic.

  12. It can help but it's not necessary correct. Someone could e.g. have never experienced a lot of weight gain and the little weight they've gained was misleading - like you've started to gain weight in your thighs but the next 5 kg would've gonr to your belly. It could also not be a 100% fit for your type, that's common.

  13. With your height DC is very, very unlikely as the cutoff was changed to 5'6. At 5'6+ you have vertical and your options are limited to D, SD and FN.

  14. Noone commented on the period stain dress? Really?

  15. I'm missing some info to give actual advice:

  16. The cutoff for the moderate types is 5'6-5'7 so it would make more sense to explore the vertical dominant types first: D, SD and FN.

  17. "Despite a superficial resemblance to plants, they are actually animal skeletons or shells."

  18. Can you kindly share a link to the beneficial mites you used?

  19. I'm not in the US so that's probably no help to you. But I you should be able to find some where you live. Try to google it. I used Amblyseius cucumeris and Amblyseius swirski but these are not the only ones. They come in little paper packages that have a hook and a tiny hole. You just have to hang them up and done.

  20. Oooo I did come across this in my search for a remedy! I think I’ll order it and give it a go. Did you also have to continue wiping down leaves and stuff or was that enough?

  21. I wouldn't because the mites run around the plant to kill the thrips pupae!

  22. I think you're positively frosty, I would actually disagree with most here and say I believe you are a

  23. I wish I could upvote this more than once. A lot of people are commenting about OP pbly being another spring but I disagree. All I see is light and cool. There is no warm undercurrent anywhere, from her skin to her hair and eyes. She also has almost no contrast.

  24. You are physically too tall, so gamine is not possible. You are above the cut off for the petite types which is which is 5'4-5'5 maximum. The moderate types end at 5'6 so you are at the end there.

  25. Gotcha! Thanks for your help! I was looking at DC mostly because when I gain weight it’s typically all below the waist and never in the face/chest, so I can be very pear shaped.

  26. I don't know which pics you used on FB but the typing there can be.. yeah. Like I said this pics here aren't suited for typing so any answer you get based on them is not a good guess.

  27. That's a disgusting way of looking at it. Weight doesn't change ones attractiveness like that. For not one of the types.

  28. You're style is very vivid and colourful so I think that alone gives off major FG vibes.

  29. Ich weiß zwar nicht in welchem Kontext der Test/die Ergebnisse gesehen werden sollen, aber ich finde die Fragestellung problematisch.

  30. You look sooo great! The green is such an amazing colour on you.

  31. No reason why not, as long as the Head to Toe outfit accommodates SC ☺️ Like the other SG commenter said, actual Doc Martens or leather boots may stand out as more edgy on you than on people with other IDs... you can always explore other materials in footwear that gives a similar effect 🤔

  32. You seem petite and have curve. But you also have slight yang. I'd try out TR and SG. Leaning TR though.

  33. I'm here for the middle row reds!

  34. Doesn’t it become more apparent when you look at them wearing clothing instead of just looking at their bodies? You can have two seemingly similar bodies and still have clothes that pull differently on you. IIRC D’s will look more at home in structured pieces and FN’s can pull off a more relaxed silhouette.

  35. I keep suggesting this everytime someone asks to be typed dressed in just leggings and a tank.

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