1. I still haven’t seen a reason I shouldn’t move to Minnesota other than the cold I’m seriously considering it at this point it sounds great there compared to the hellhole that is florida

  2. Minnesota also routinely has one of the lowest, if not the lowest, unemployment levels, so it is usually not too hard to find a job. I moved to Minnesota from a southwest desert state that is quickly running out of water and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

  3. If you're not excited about Ant and Jaden as your core with some potential behind them with Minott and Garza.......

  4. I know it doesn't seem like it, but Garza is older than Naz.

  5. Seems like federalist society is mad when we call people out for their items.

  6. Yeah, no. It's just that you linking someone's name tag in the Federalist Blog is not proof they're a FedSoc member. That's not how it works. I'm an attorney. I deal with FedSoc assholes all the time. I joined the American Constitution Society to help fight against FedSoc's influence. Trust me, I am no fan of them. But the "proof" you think you have is a joke and not how proving things works.

  7. Crime is always caused by poverty. Poverty can be solved but the ruling class likes it better this way. Because they get to live rich and are mostly unaffected by the crime problems caused by their greed. It is very simple to solve this.

  8. Man I have a feeling mike and slowmo are really gonna rub off on ant in the best way possible.

  9. It was a serious bit of culture shock when my wife traveled to Germany for business. Her German counterparts were literally shooing them out the door, making them pack up half an hour before closing time, because they can get in trouble if they stay later than their 7 or 8 working hours per day.

  10. I have a friend who is an attorney who does compliance for an international firm. Her sole job is to make sure the US employees do not find out about the benefits given to and hours worked by their EU counterparts.

  11. Man I cannot wait for little Mac to get back to help with ball movement on the second unit. Having only one healthy pg on the team is rough.

  12. FT disparity already rearing it's head. 10 to 0 in favor of SAC.

  13. 18 days?! God damn! We should just start cutting them out at 28 days and tell those lazy bastards to start their lives!

  14. They come into this country, they don't speak the language, don't work, and sit at home and whine about everything while they suck up all our resources. /s

  15. And he was severely lacking in the shooting 3s department. He’d go on 4 game cold streaks then have 1 good game then back to ice cold.

  16. Probably because he does that bullshit leg kickout to draw fouls. If he knocked that dumbshit off, he'd probably be a good 3P shooter.

  17. Forbes has also played like garbage in all of those minutes. A three-point "specialist" shooting 25% from deep is really bad.

  18. I guarantee you republicans won't touch current or near retirees. It'll be the lazy, entitled young generations like those 20 year old millennials with their avocado toast that will get gutted.

  19. Going after Gen X and younger. Because fuck us, that's why.

  20. When should we expect an announcement on charges vs no charges

  21. Judge McBurney has set a Jan. 24 hearing date to determine whether the report will be made public.

  22. A retail worker would get a $0 tax cut but his plan "pays" for the cut by instating a tax on clothing and food. Thus, Minnesotans on the lower end of the income scale would be paying more in taxes.

  23. Where I'm at in the country we have been seeing the market somewhat correct for wages w.o. legislation. I'm in MN, I'm still very pro workers rights and min wage increase but due to our high demand for workers, companies are natural forced to offer more competitive wages across almost every sector, including (although obviously to a somewhat diminished degree) the lower paying end of jobs.

  24. MN also has the lowest unemployment rate in the country at 1.8%.

  25. I have a lot of friends doing chancery work in Delaware. RIP to their summers.

  26. I was coming here to hear what folks’ thoughts are on him. I don’t know his politics (aside from what his ads indicate), but I used to hang out with one of his sons.

  27. He was running as a Republican for MN attorney general and was not able to secure an endorsement from the party. So he pivoted to run for HC Attorney.

  28. Shit I might buy tickets to his first game back in MN just to cheer for him.

  29. Me too. That man is going to get a standing ovation when he steps back on to our court.

  30. You know it’s like 50/50 he says something super antagonistic between now and then, right?

  31. There's a 100% chance he says something antagonistic between now and then. I'm still giving that asshole a standing ovation for the effort he put into this team.

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