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  1. Lord forgive for what im about to do..



  4. Look guys.. personally, i dont care about the game nor am i ever going to play it

  5. “It’s about people who love the world” mfers when the world literally has non-human sentient races be actively treated as second-class citizens, have legal slavery but it’s okay because “they love serving people!”

  6. Bro has never played a game before 💀

  7. I have a hard time having sympathy for this person.

  8. Why??? Because he's doing something for an adrenaline rush???

  9. Skydiving is a bit different because if you fall and your parachute fails your probably gonna die ain’t no one saving you, but when your doing this near rocks and you survive someone has to risk their lives to save you.

  10. Shit, go put yourself in this situation and ask yourself if you want others to help you come back alive or dead, any sane person would want to live, the people rescuing in these situations are often experts and know what they're doing, you cant just lose sympathy for people due to human error

  11. Thank you for your sacrifice

  12. Since nobody's responded yet,

  13. Well i say we eat the rich 🤨

  14. Im sorry but.. you READ all of them????

  15. So they can jump him no problem, but the second he defends himself he gets jail time?

  16. It's no longer self defense when the threat stopped attacking and is actively moving away from you.

  17. Should ask this within the foundry discord server, they might have what you're looking for ^

  18. Hey man.. after reading some of these comments i wanted to tell you, the most unethical thing here is to message me and talk things through so you can resolve your emotions and settle things mentally, my dms are open to you and anyone else if you need someone to talk to.

  19. Ofcourse, no worries if i take a little time to respond, i will respond sooner or later

  20. Always remember.. if you believe in something hard enough, then the people around you will believe in it too

  21. Because you asked I looked it up. Brazil has native deer with antlers that annually shed. Several carribean countries also have deer with antlers that shed annually, eg. the white tailed deer in Cuba, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago.

  22. Welp shit, guess i was wrong

  23. All the commenters here know it. Still looking for clueless people in the comments

  24. Most people don't comment, especially the ones that are just looking for an answer if they don't know

  25. The real answer is getting an explanation. The DM has the final say but anyone who just says no without a reason is being an ass.

  26. Piggybacking on this too, trying to find a middle ground that works for both the player and DM is also acceptable and if the DM is being an ass about you trying to find alternatives that work for both of you, then they're also an ass

  27. And it's always someone with a furry costume, yet they wonder why people are skeptical of them

  28. As a furry, i can confirm that we are 2 very separate communities with nothing to do with one another 😐

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