1. When it comes to sports in general, Brazil (or just south America) have the dirtiest players around, and if you disagree you've clearly never watched football (soccer) before.

  2. What are some other unwritten rules that BG's minions have? Like cleave always hitting a corner minion...

  3. Lyoto Machida's crane kick KO on Randy Couture will always amaze me

  4. what is the program used to display the performance and other statistics?

  5. It's called "hey reddit, look at me, I'm a PC gamer and I totally know what these numbers mean".exe

  6. Absolutely, it's about the player not the guns, the best player on my squad has been running the MW M4/MP5 since day 1 and drops 10+ kills a game, meanwhile the rest of us are trying to rank up the meta/op shit and barely ever do as well as him. Good guns can help less good players do well, but good players can do well with almost any guns.

  7. After looking at his twitter I'm not sure if he's just trolling or has Sal D'Amato level of judging

  8. I think DJ, Rousey, and Jones win, those are the only ones I'm relatively confident about.

  9. "If say I want to fight everybody it means everybody" except it doesn't though, his fanboys say he'll fight anyone, then when you ask why he didn't wanna fight Rockhold they say he wants to stay at WW, so which one is it? does he wanna fight everyone? or does he wanna try and climb WW? Idk wtf this pic of him and Jiri is supposed to imply, but anyways go ahead and downvote me.

  10. I'm assuming Cookie gets the play the ghost? which he killed 2 turns ago, and I have to play 1st place after losing 2 in a row, and for whatever reason Malygos got the ghost last round after winning his previous round. What a joke.

  11. Cheating? Literally haven't seen a cheater (at least not a blatant one I could recognise) since Caldera dropped, and before that it was at least one person with an obvious aimbot per game. I'd say one the cheating front we're doing really well, but yeah the bugs and glitches are horrendous atm.

  12. Ryan Hall is always intriguing.

  13. Honestly didn't think he was that popular with anyone other than hardcore followers of the sport

  14. For an unranked but popular fighter, Omalleys views are about what I thought

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