1. I would use a lever action shotgun (think like a m1887) and a strait saber unbenath. Sword folds unbeneath the shotgun like a bayonet when not deployed. So that I can both shoot and use the recoil from the shotgun to empower my cuts with the saber.

  2. I burn, Because the yellow trailer was the first trailer I saw for the show and so it’s always been my favorite

  3. What's up with the third gun? There's the ma deuce and the main cannon, whats that third barrel for?

  4. "Castle" it's a house pretending to be a castle with fake crenalations. I prefer real castles over whatever this is supposed to be.

  5. << Can you see any borders from up here? What has the borders given us? >>

  6. Now that I think about it, I'm surprised the Federation didn't make a Mass Produced version of it the G-Defenser. Especially since the GM III is a mass produced version of the MK II

  7. Only problem with the defenser was, mobile suit wearing it wouldnt fit the hangar. Hence why they had to launch mk ii and defenser seperately have them combine afterwards. (Totally not just to reuse combining animation) So it would have been avkward to use them on mass.

  8. Wow fuck that sub, what a bunch of hypocritical cowards. They wouldnt be singing the same tune if it was their own homes being bombed.

  9. I was thinking of RWBY x Girls Frontline, they both got the same vibe (cute girls with guns fighting, and suffering). I even tought about how they can be implemented;

  10. I'd also like to add to the others comments that; smoothbore cannons can achive higher velocities due to lovered friction from the barrel, it makes them better at armor penetration compared to contemporary caliber rifled guns. Since stabilisation can be regained by firin fin stabilised projectiles most militaries decided its a worthwhile trade to swich to smoothbores on their tanks.

  11. Its all fun and games until you go to a night game for airsoft and dudes you've NEVER seen before at airsoft games roll-up in PVS-14s and thermals.

  12. Yes, but look at the thighs of the second diver.

  13. Aside from the knees and te backpack i dont see much of gp 01 in this thing.

  14. The cockpit shaped chest hatch is pretty iconic too. Yet this goes for more g-reco looking one.

  15. Those legs need a little more bulk to balance out the design. Lets hope there is a full armor version/kit to give theis guy extra chonk.

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