1. Definitely would leave it, put my headphones in, and take a nap.

  2. The comments to these threads get so old. It’s literally just people spewing off what they personally own. The guy asked for an easy to conceal gun and you people are recommending SP01s, baretta 92s, etc.

  3. What’s with all the Enigma fan boys? Everyone knows about the holster, you can stop suggesting it 25 times on every thread.

  4. I’ll give you a couple. Parts availability is trash. Aftermarket is trash. Magazines are expensive as fuck and often oos. This gun is fantastic, but making a claim like this ignores some very big strikes against it. If I were buying one, I’d definitely go with the OR version.

  5. Lol this. There’s a reason SO MANY serious shooters STILL carry Glocks

  6. Bunch of anti-Glockers who always say shit like this and probably only own the two or three mags that came with the gun and don’t care about optics or changing sights, replacing parts, or changing one single thing on the gun. Try buying a factory threaded barrel for one of these…or a set of suppressor height sights. Fun stuff. To be fair, it’s got a significantly better trigger than the factory Glock and is a really good shooting gun…I prefer shooting it over a factory a Glock, but I would never carry one because of those reasons above. Only hipsters who rarely shoot and just carry one so they can say they don’t carry a Glock would argue carrying one of these over a Glock.

  7. Preach brother, preach. You're spot on. Here's some more reasons glock is STILL a great option today.

  8. I think a lot of people have this idea that once they're married and have kids, they no longer have the ability to do anything for themselves anymore. No accomplishments, no hobbies, no adventures. Everything individual is set aside forevermore for the family, and it's treated as 'growing up.'

  9. Almost every single striker pistol is like that. You can read a book through the gap in a Glock.

  10. I'm A class open, so you sound like a better shooter than me, and I appreciate your advice. Currently one of my biggest issues is remembering to grip my damn gun and recoil control. My trigger pull timing for quality doubles is also marginal at best. I wish I could solve that with dry-fire -- maybe I can and I just don't know how...

  11. Dude, I feel you on the need for direction in dry fire practice. I just started taking hour long virtual lessons from a Grand Master at $50 a session. It’s been immensely helpful. DM me if you want his name.

  12. So, since this post I bought a tablet, AMG commander timer, Practical Shooting Training book, and a few more scaled targets.

  13. Some solid purchases there. I’ve been considering the PTSG membership as well.

  14. You could easily walk up behind him, snatch it out of that leather, zero retention holster, and run faster than he could catch you in those stupid jeans or just shoot him with it.

  15. Lmao $6k-$8k? Not even close. Maybe if he was carrying a half dozen of them it’d reach that collective price. It’s a Kimber Custom II, not a Staccato or Nighthawk.

  16. That tells me that cop has shitty cop training and no training from legitimate sources in entangled Combatives.

  17. I mean most cops have shitty training and can’t shoot for shit lol. Unless they have very specific LEO credentials, you should ignore all instruction from police

  18. Compared to other gen glocks? Yea sure. Compared to pretty much every other new-ish striker fired pistol? Nah not even close. Glock triggers suck when you put them up against walthers, M&Ps, Sigs, Caniks etc.

  19. Do you own a gen 5 Glock and any of the other guns? Not trying to be snarky, genuinely curious. I have a 365 and a Gen 5 Glock. The Glock trigger is better than the 365 stock trigger. So much more mush in the sig trigger. Also the M&P stock trigger is garbage as well. There’s a reason the Apex trigger is so popular. Caniks are definitely better.

  20. Yes I do lol. The Glock trigger is definitely not better than the 365. I have both as well (365XL). Gen 5 Glock triggers are mushy as hell they have a rolling and unpredictable break and they are not crisp at all. I love my Glock, but the trigger is definitely one of the worst out of the pistols I own. Not quite as bad as SD9VEs or SCCYs but they are pretty bad

  21. I wonder if you got a bad one. You either get a good Glock trigger or you don’t. I have the opposite experience with my sig and Glock triggers. My gen 3 Glocks had garbage stock triggers.

  22. I assume people wear cargo pants or carry a bag of some kind. I can’t bring myself to wear cargo pants or shorts.

  23. Man, these comments make me pretty disappointed in this sub. This is unacceptable behavior regardless of the “CoNtExT”. There shouldn’t even need to be a discussion around that.

  24. Ah got it. I was going to be super interested in how you got rid of it if so lol

  25. Says the dude who showed up here a year later to deep throat johhnys cock 😂

  26. I mean when you work a 9-5, have an actual life outside of guns and don’t eat sleep and shit one gun no shit you’re not gonna shoot nearly enough to cause a magazine to fail. I’m a civilian, not an FBI agent. I have plenty in rotation so shooting one gun over and over isn’t my reality. Missing the point that you were trying to make there.

  27. Dude, the point he is making is that you don’t shoot guns very often. Because… you don’t.

  28. Ok genius. You want me to shoot everyday and every night to make a magazine fail? Shooting 3-4 times a month is enough for me. But thanks for your flawed hypothesis. Absolutely love it.

  29. There is zero percent chance you shoot that often and have never had a mag fail. No way.

  30. As I keep saying, if it is a problem, it needs to be addressed.

  31. How were you able to break through to her? I'm having the same issue with my husband, but similar to a comment above, every time I try to have a conversation about it I'm bringing up the "sex thing" again. Nothing ever changes. I am trying so hard to communicate my needs but it feels like I'm talking to a brick wall and it's taken a toll on my mental health.

  32. To be honest, my experience was the same for a long time. Every time I tried to calmly and effectively communicate the issue and advocate for myself, and no matter how I tried to do it, it ended in her being nothing but offended and annoyed.

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